Maureen Neuringer | COMD 1162 - Section OL32 | Fall 2021

13 Discussion

Each week you will need to respond to two questions posted. Your response should be a minimum of 300 words for both questions. You should also include at least one response to your fellow students. The responses are a requirement for participation part of your grade.

Question 01 –

Why would yours a mask in Photoshop?

Question 02 –

If you make a mistake wit the brush on the mask, what can ou do?

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  1. Malika Pardis

    ⁃ There could be a multitude of reasons why you should use a mask in Photoshop. For example, it can help lower the opacity of each object in your layers. You can also hide a part in your layers rather than deleting it as a whole. You can also cut certain objects in layer masking making sure you have control over your document. You can edit more freely, similar to creating layers it helps you make sure that everything is organized without making mistakes on all the layers, you make a mistake on one layer and it helps with making sure that only that mask can get ruined.

    ⁃ When making a mistake on the mask with the brush, you could start off by using command z which would undo your action. But other than that you can also make sure that your foreground and background color are okay because it can cause complications within your layer. Also when making a mistake you want to make sure the opacity of your brush is at the right percentage. Since, sometimes the lower the opacity, a new color can come up that doesn’t match your foreground color. That can make it either appear dark or light. Make sure you keep an eye on your layers panel because the majority of the time your problems can appear there. If your color shows differently on the layer, most likely you’re on the wrong layer. Select the correct layer and make sure the mask layer is on.

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