Class 09

Class Info

  • Class Date: Thurs Sep. 24
  • Class Time: 8:30AM-10:00AM


  • Project 1: Continue Type Book:


  • Learn about the relationship between type selection, size and spacing:
  • Understanding more type terminology and how it differs from print to screen: Leading or line height, tracking and kerning (space between letters)
    • Leading or line length refers to the space between the baselines
    • Tracking refers to the adjustment of space between all the letters of a specific word or heading
    • Kerning refers to the adjustment of space between two specific letters
  • Understanding the different scenarios of their uses
  • Continue page setup InDesign


To-Do After Class

1. Type Book 6a Drops pull quote

Create two pages
Use pages from Classification of Type Styles
For each of the select text from link add a Pull Quote and a Drop Cap. Try two different
sizes and pull quote placements

Can be any typeface you want

Create a post “Lastname firstname Drop Cap” category “Student post Homework”
Save PDF and insert ino your post

Drop Caps (See how to create a drop cap here, and here at Adobe website) Pull Quotes ( See here for some nice examples of Pull Quotes

Text for Type Book 6a

Create Drop Caps

Paragraph Styles

2. Finish

Type Book 5c-Classification- Alignment

Some Typefaces for Typebook 5c

Text for Type Book 5a, 5b, 5c

Assignments are always due the day before next class by 11:30pm, and must be posted to OpenLab or uploaded as instructed

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