Working with and Editing Images in OpenLab

How to create an image for web usage

Most digital cameras and phones are likely to be set to take images that are vastly larger than a user of a computer screen is likely to need

  • Optimize a JPEg. A JPEG is the standard format for compressing photographs.
  • Open an image and choose File > Save For Web.
  • Choose JPEG from the optimization format menu.
  • Specify the compression level: Choose quality option medium from the pop‑up menu under the optimization format menu. The higher the Quality setting, the more detail is preserved in the optimized image, but the larger the file size.
  • View the optimized image at several quality settings to determine the best balance between quality and file size.
  • Select Progressive to display the image progressively in a web browser; that is, to display it first at a low resolution, and then at progressively higher resolutions as downloading proceeds.
  • To save your optimized image, click OK. In the Save Optimized As dialog box, type a filename, and click Save.

How to add images to OpenLab

Resize Images in OpenLab

Video Demo OpenLab Image Edit

Insert Images into a Post

Create a Gallery In a Post

Edit a Gallery In a Post

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