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Typographic Dante

Journey from Hell, through Purgatory, to Paradise
Barrie Tullett work responding to Dante’s Divine Comedy.
Tullett has created a series of typographic illustrations,
each a visual representation of one of the 100 cantos of Dante’s unfolding narrative, Experience the whole journey of the Divine Comedy in one visual experience.
Each page was made using a different ‘obsolete’ technology:
wood and metal type, a typewriter and letraset.
The Divine Comedy is a poem by Dante Alighieri. Written 1308-1320,
it describes Dante’s journey, led by Virgil, through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise
Professor Barrie Tullett is Programme Leader for Graphic Design at the University of Lincoln and is the author of Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology, Laurence King Publishing

In the Land of Punctuation

Felix Pfäffli

One of the youngest designers to be newly acquired by
Cooper Hewitt

New York City Typography

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