Time's Guns In America

Field trip Saturday March 7th at 11am

Our field trip is going to be at the Brooklyn Museum, to see the mural that made the cover of TIME Magazine: Guns In America at the show JR Chronicles.

To tell this uniquely American story, TIME partnered with JR, the artist and photographer known in part for his murals around the world that portray communities in all their complexity. In three U.S. cities profoundly affected by guns—Dallas, St. Louis and Washington, D.C.—we invited people to share their views and describe their experiences in a search for common ground.

In all, JR filmed and photographed 245 people—hunters and activists, teachers and police officers, parents and children—to create this mural for TIME’s November 5, 2018, cover.

Our Chair Douglas Davis

The Man With A Hat, Our Chair Douglas Davis

“It’s my opinion that the business or design education that qualifies us to sit in the same room on the same team to service the client as communications professionals doesn’t equip us to talk to each other. Bridge the communication gap and add business skills to your creativity.”

If you want to know more about our chair watch the video and visit thinkhowtheythink.com