hello, hello!

Hello, Hello!

There we are, all separated from each other and at the same time connected as never before.

The class is still happening, but remotely. We are now all working from home, like a lot of professional freelance graphic designers. You will be able to do everything planned in the curriculum using your own device, either a computer, a tablet, a phone or even your hands.

Please stay connected, check your emails everyday and respond to mine, even just to say “Hello, I’m here”.

And of course contact me directly if you need to, I am reachable by email, text and phone.

Do your homework diligently, read the Digital Media Primer and send your postcard assignment.

Be especially present when I will ask to. I am getting ready to do a prep class for our next quizz.

As professional freelancers do, be always alert, show that you are present by waving frequently, do your homework promptly and be very good at it.