Quiz #1 on Audio and Video

  • Introduce yourself in a few sentences. To make your bio be fun and creative include in your text the answers for these questions: What is your current state of mind? What is your favorite occupation? What are your favorite color?
  • For example what is the difference between widescreen 16:9 and square 1:1 format. How do you feel when you watch a movie that is filmed in widescreen and an other that is in a square format?
    Short videos are getting more and more popular. Select the important tips that make a good video.
  • By now you should be familiar with the words pitch, screenplay, storyboard, brainstorm, timeline, voiceover, props and feedback. In a few words, tell me if you think that what you have learnt is going to be helpful in the making of your future videos. Don’t hesitate to let me know if there are still things that are unclear. Believe me, I have many unclear things that I keep checking all the time.