My Proposal:

I started my fitness journey in the start of 2021 when gyms began to open back up after COVID-19 quarantine restrictions. In order to be safe and ensure that I’m not making any mistakes that will harm my body, I had to do scientific research and not rely on fitness influencers. As I was doing research, most of these influencers are capitalizing on the wrong advice to give women. They are selling women false
beliefs about fitness so that they can profit off of their insecurities. I want these fitness myths to be exposed and inform other women the truth. Most of these women are shaming themselves for not seeing any body changes, when it is not their fault that they are being fed lies.

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  • Emotions: energy and growth

This is a fitness related poster, thus energy and growth are often terms used in the fitness world.

  • Effects: relaxes, reasures, and revitalizes

Through these promotional posters we are reassuring women with facts and truths, without overwhelming them.

  • Positive Traits: Health, growth, and prosperity

The posters are intended to help women with their health and muscle growth. We hope that through these posters they are able to have a prosperous fitness journey.


  • Emotions: devotion, loyalty, and femininity

Our posters are devoted to providing women with truth, thus we must represent that we are loyal and reliable to them.

  • Effects: encourages, uplifts, inspire wisdom, and enlightens

The posters are encouraging women to take our truthful advice and provide them with actual scientifically proven facts. Thus, we are increasing their knowledge on fitness.

  • Positive Traits: compassion and wisdom

We care about women and want them to be informed.