Fall 2021 Student Videos and Screenplays

Below, all the great stories that students came up with.

Read all the screenplays and watch the incredible videos. Everyone needs to comment at the bottom of the post.
As we saw on the video about The Art of Storytelling, giving feedback is part of the process.
Your comments have to be constructive and develop ideas. Suggest adjustments if you see something that could be added or tweaked that could help make the story better.
This is part of your participation grades. You need to write at least a comment on 2 different stories.

1. TITLE: A Day in the Life of Georgina
By Bibawy Giorgina Ragaie

Location: My bedroom
Action: I’m not yet in frame.Camera: Eye level view of my room, looking around seeing my posters, etc.


Action: I walk into my room and start thinking about what I want to do. I pick up a controller but then put it back down while shaking my head no.Camera: Follows me.

Action: I pick up my sketchbook and look at my bed but shake my head no and put it back down.


Action: I pick up some fabrics and look at my sewing machine but shake my head no and put the fabric down.Camera: Focused on me, pans to sewing machine and then back to me

Action: I look at my computer, sit at my desk, and start talking with my friends. Laughing and smiling.Camera: Once I start laughing the video cuts to what was on my computer, you see discord (a voice chat to play online games and talk to people) with many people in the call.

2. TITLE: 
By Carillo Noe

First of all, I think that I will film the pitch of my webcam. I am doing this because I am into streaming and gaming.

Most of the time when someone streams or goes live on twitch or youtube they usually have a webcam on so people can see their reaction or gameplay.

I think that doing something like that sounds interesting. I would also like to show myself normally, with nothing special.

I would then talk about things that I love to do and things I do to pass my time and my inspirations and my life goal.

3. TITLE: Random dancing
By Cookson Chantel

Everybody has a little dance in them. Whether it’s professional, goofing off, just for fun, level amateur or even exercising.  When I’m bored or tired I’ll randomly dance, just as a pick me up.  Sometime my family and I use it as a gathering, to be honesty you never know which person or dance you gonna get. At times it comes with a song too, cover your ears when that happens.  


Me discussing why I like to dance. Where did it come from and a little bite of my cultural background.  


Me greeting different members in my family, while explaining the difference between dancing alone vs dancing together.


Me walking around in different places randomly dancing. 


A few clips of dances that comes from my country. 


Me showing off a few of my favorite random dance moves.  

By Duenas Jeremy

For my video, I’ve decided to discuss myself and what I do for work. First I planned on introducing myself and where I currently am, then I will discuss some of the other events I work throughout the year. Then I plan on discussing my day job at home in NYC. I’ll wrap up with sharing how I adopted my puppy and made him a part of my life.


My name is Jeremy Dueñas. I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in New York City. I’m currently in Wisconsin for the PGA Ryder Cup which is a golf event that I’ll be handling Event Transportation Management for.


I work many events across the country. My clients include the NFL, which allowed me to work the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and many more.


When I’m not out working across the country, I work for Disney on Broadway. I actually work at The Lion King, and last week we reopened our show after 18 long months of being closed which is a wonderful thing to have happen for the end of this year.


I actually got my start with the Walt Disney Company a few years ago down in Disney World working in the parking lot at Animal Kingdom; so I’m glad I can at least put that internship to good use.


I adopted my dog Bobby on a road trip in Tennessee with my three best friends at a Logic concert actually {points to shirt} he keeps me sane on the off chance that I’m actually home to see him.


Well that’s a bit about me. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone in class this year, and looking forward to the rest of the semester. Thanks everyone!

5. TITLE: City Island And Me
By Le Darren Duy


Introducing a character and then me sitting on a bench


In front of the sea, I express how I love nature


I walked on the beach, looking out at the sea


In front of the island, I am saying how much I enjoy being there

6. TITLE: 
By Li Jessica


Location: home 

Waking up from my bed, snoozing the alarm 100 times until I need to wake up.  Put on some outside clothes and get ready to head out. Packing the equipment I need for the day


Location: Outside /restaurant

Grabbing a quick bite of food at my favorite before I start my long journey. 


Location: Outside 

Pulling out my camera, to take some nice photography pictures at the park and the streets of New York. Walking around the city and capture some nice pictures. 


Location: Home

Settling down and wrapping my day up. Turn on my laptop, and exporting the pictures to my laptop, and reflect back on the pictures I took for the day. 

7. TITLE: Who Am I?
By Marin Lenny Solis

8. TITLE:  Hey Guys!
By Michel Wilna

A video animation which includes text over images using Adobe AfterEffects.


Animation saying hey and then enters into an animation showing my name, with classical music in the background.


Slide /Animation with my Pictures and shows my bio but also a small video showing my hobbies.


Shows video/ image of city tech and talks about it with voiceover.


Video of me reading at the library, shows some of my drawings and paintings, and explaining them.

THE END which of course is another animation.

9. TITLE: 
By Ni Wei

Basketball, is everywhere, worldwide, and great way to relax your mind and close out the world around you, just you and a ball, grab some friends if you have some, you’ll make a great team. Put some headphones on, play your favorite tune, ball out. When you are stressed and need to loosen up, get some shots up, what’s more relaxing than hearing the ball go through the net.


Wake up alarm, do a little stretch, get out of bed, wash up


Me in my small apartment, sitting down at a chair, small rays of sunlight comes through the window, dust particles flies around, me looking out the window down at a park, eyeing emptying basketball court


Getting dressed, throwing on random clothes, ball in hand, headphone on my ear, shoes laced around my neck, turn on some music, walking down my spiral staircase out to the street, music still playing


Arrives at park, puts on shoes, looks around, birds chirping, slowly walk up to the free throw line, camera pans to head, close eyes, camera pans to my thoughts, shows what im thinking in my mind, a professional basketball player taking free throw shots and crowd chanting, the pro misses his shots, someone grabs rebound and they take off, running down the court to the other end, one player passes to another player for a layup


Quickly switch from reality to imagination back and forth 4-5 times, like at a camera shutter speed. what im thinking in my mind is actually happening in real life same movements, someone passes the ball and i score like how i imagined it. camera goes back into pro setting and pans around the crowd one last time before turning black.

10. TITLE: 
By Pardis Malika

Location: My house in my room 

What I’m Wearing: Pajamas in the first scene, next scene when panning shot that’s when I have changed to something more my style..


Sitting on my bed, with my pajamas and talking to the camera about how much I like to research, or how I pick many hobbies to enjoy.

Action: pan to me in front of my bookshelf


I’m in front of my bookshelf and I am showing my manga and some of the recent purchases of the books that I enjoy reading. I talk about how I gained a lot of inspo for how I draw my OC’s fashion or hairstyles from manga. Sometimes I gain inspo for when I like to sew. 

Action: pan to me by my PC setup


I talk about how I like to game and how building my pc was a really fun experience and how researching my parts helped me learn a lot more about technology and basically enjoyed learning more about specs and how they’re different. 

Action: pan to me back at the beginning of the video on bed back in pjs)


I’m back on my bed and I am summing up my identity and how I feel like I really took the time to explore myself and learn and grow as a whole. And now I feel more comfortable in myself ( hence why I am wearing my pjs) and then get out of frame.

11. TITLE: “This Is Ahmani” by Ahmani
By Sanders Ahmani

Opening screen visual: Black screen with typing “What’s one thing you enjoy?” 

 SFX: Typewriter

(Soft jazz instrumental begins to play in background)


Me and one of my best friends are seated at a table. We are seen laughing while she pours me a glass of champagne. The room is bright, some of the vintage table decorations are in view.

Vocal: Me answering the question

Screen visual: Black screen with typing “When or where do you feel free?” 

SFX: Typewriter


Camera pans in a studio setting where a photoshoot is taking place. The camera lands on me fixing the wardrobe on a model.

Vocal: Me answering the question

Screen visual: Black screen with typing “When are you at peace?” 

SFX: Typewriter


Aerial view – I am sitting at the table finishing up a sketch of four figures with different  color outfits.

Vocal: Me answering the question

Screen visual: Black screen with typing “What’s a random or weird fact about you?” 

SFX: Typewriter


Split screen with identical visual – my hand is hanging out of a car window holding up the ‘peace sign” as the car is driving on a highway. You can see the city night lights and the faint view of a water in the background.

Vocal: Me answering the question

(Jazz instrumental volume increases)

End credits

12. TITLE: Self Introduction
By Tabassum Saria

For the storytelling of my video, I will talk about myself. First I will do a mini introduction about myself, who I am, what I like etc. Then I will talk about what made me want to change my major at the very last minute before college started.


I will give a mini introduction, my name, what’s my ethnicity and what are my hobbies sitting in my room.


I will show some of the pictures I took. I will be holding the photos while explaining when I took them and why.


My friend is visiting my home and comes to my room.


My friend asking why I changed my major to communication design. And me

explaining why.


My friend is encouraging me to follow what I really like.


Me saying goodbye with a big smile.

13. TITLE: The Big Three in My Zodiac Chart
By Vasquez Angy Shailyn


“Hello! My name is Angy Vasquez and I believe the best way to describe myself is by introducing the Big Three in my zodiac chart”

Location: I am on my desk, with my drawing pad and pencil. I am wearing what I normally wear everyday and my background is astrology themed. There will be a galaxy projecting on my wall.

SCENE 2 Aries Sun

Voice Over: “My sun sign is in Aries meaning I am active, straightforward, and ambitious. Unfortunately, traits I’m not proud of are that I can sometimes be impatient and short tempered.”

Setting: A time lapse of me drawing myself as my Aries persona. My drawing version of myself will be wearing something bold and will be posing like an athlete. She will also be half Ram. The color scheme will be in red.

SCENE 3 Aquarius Moon

Voice Over: “My moon sign is in Aquarius. As an Aquarius I am empathetic, open-minded, imaginative, and social. Some not so great things about Aquarius’ is that they can be detached and uncomfortable expressing or feeling their own emotions.”

Setting: A time lapse of me drawing myself as my Aquarius persona. My drawing version of myself will be wearing something effortless and flowy pouring out water from a pot. She will also be a Water-Bearer.

The color scheme will be blue.

SCENE 4 Capricorn Rising

Voice Over: “My rising sign is in Capricorn, therefore I am responsible, goal-oriented, organized, diligent, and dependable. An aspect I dislike about being a Capricorn rising is that I am too self-critical and a perfectionist”

Setting: A time lapse of me drawing myself as my Capricorn persona. My drawing version of myself will be wearing something sophisticated and chic while posing elegantly. She will also be half Sea-Goat. The color scheme will be dark grey or charcoal.

SCENE 5 Conclusion

“I think it’s safe to say that I am a strong believer in astrology. I have all of these traits, both positive and negative aspects. This is who I am and I am proud to be all three of these signs.”

Setting: I am on my desk. I am wearing what I normally wear everyday and my background is astrology themed. There will be a galaxy projecting on my wall.

14. TITLE:  Finding Myself
By Vasquez Belen

Personally I am a very shy person when it comes to being filmed or even getting a picture taken, but i’m making the best out of it! 

The film will begin with a shoot inside the train station, focusing on the view outside of the train. 

I have captured a couple of videos of myself interacting with sea life, and other videos of the nature around the aquarium. 

This would be my first film im creating so I am struggling a bit in how to include voice, closed captions, or music. I will be using Premiere Pro , which im still learning. 

15. TITLE:  This is about my Photography
By Wang Xiaofei

In my video project, I’m going to introduce myself in three parts. I will use short texts or hashtags in the video to describe myself. 


I Live in Fresh Meadows, Queens. A big Chinese community. I will shoot some scenes about the neighbor and street views. 


My daily life, about my room, my study place and my work place. 


How I’m spending my free time,  what I usually do for fun, and my habits.  

16. TITLE: 
By Wu Lin , Manjie

I like listening to music.  Listening to music is a kind of enjoyment for me.  Every time I listen to music, I feel very happy.  I like to listen to music while I am writing homework or drawing.  My favorite way to listen to music is to wear headphones, which makes me more immersed in music.  But a bad habit of putting on headphones to listen to music is that I like to turn the volume up to the maximum.  So now I only wear headphones when I’m outside, and I don’t wear them often at home.


When I can’t concentrate on homework, I tap on my phone to play music.  I feel a lot more comfortable, and I start to concentrate on my homework.


Before going out, I checked what I wanted to bring, and found that I forgot to bring headphones, so I hurried to the room to look for it.  In a bunch of earphones, I found the earphones I wanted to wear out and put them on.  Then close the door.


On the way to the supermarket, I feel lonely when I am walking alone.  Then put on the headphones, and I feel that I am not so lonely.


Doing listening to music on a chair in the park, feeling and enjoying everything.


Listening to music for a while before going to bed, I was shocked after putting on headphones because the volume was too loud.  Turn down the volume and then fell asleep.

17. TITLE: One of my hobbies …. reading fiction
By Melisa Fabiola

Many people like reading books. There are various kinds of books, such as novels, children’s literature, non-fiction, professional books, reference books, manuals, bibliographies, scripts, reports, diaries, photography, and painting collections. I really like reading fiction. Because if I am in a negative emotion, reading a fiction that interests me will help me recover my good mood.

Setting: I am a little pink slime, and my mother is a big purple slime.


I read children’s literature with many illustrations while leaning my back against my mother. Mother hummed and looked at her book. I turned my head curiously to see what my mother was reading so happy.


Then I saw that my mother’s book was full of words. I wonder why my mother likes reading books with only words. (five year old)


In the third grade of primary school, I used my pocket money to buy my first fiction. This book is the main reason for me to like reading fiction. 


I opened the book and start reading. According to the description of the words, a picture slowly came to my mind. It’s been too long to remember the content. Vaguely remember that it seems that a smiling cat took several kittens to a tree hole.


When I finish reading, it had been more than an hour. I looked at my book. There were words and no pictures on it, but it really seemed that there was a picture in front of me.


I like the feeling that pictures slowly emerge in my mind because of words, so I love reading fictions. I bought a lot of novels, piled on the desk, read one after another.

18. TITLE: About me
by Bonnie Yang

Make a calm peaceful video of me painting 


Location: In the backyard

Camera: Shot of the tree


Location: In a room

Action: The camera filming and I walk in and sit in my chair. The desk is already set up with painting supplies. 


Location: In the room

Action: Me painting and a voiceover. 



  1. Bonnie yang

    I like Jennifer’s transitions in her video especially the shot where the cameraman or women zoomed into the camera lens and the next shot is of Jennifer in the city taking pictures.

    I also like Vasquez video where she draw her zodiac signs to describe herself I found that creative. Her drawings of the zodiac signs, Capricorn is my favorite out of the three I love the tail she drew.

    • Darren

      Since I’m not seeing myself a drawer, I was inspired how she draw her zodiac signs. She is very creative as well by showing her drawing skill

    • Valeria Trucchia

      Angy and Jennifer show their true personality. It’s amazing to discover everyone with these short videos. I am so impressed with each story and feel like that I am connecting with you all.

  2. Valeria Trucchia

    I love watching all your videos, they are each different and personal, all super creative.

    Thank you for introducing yourself with these fun little stories. Now I can imagine each of you a little better.

  3. Darren

    Title 16 I like music
    I like listening to music too. I find myself with you on the journey. I also like different angles and shots, I think the these screenshots at the end are cool and dynamic.

    • Valeria Trucchia

      Yes! I love Manjie’s video. It’s so creative and positive. It puts me in a such good mood.

  4. Darren

    Title #6: Photography and I by Li Jessica
    I’d like to walk this journey with you, and I think music is a great help to your videos. I also like how you’re be able to film and be in the camera as a character.

  5. Wilna Michel

    I loved watching everyone’s videos, they were all interesting and well put together.

    I love the way Angy went about shooting this video. This video was so fun and interesting. It reflected your personality and I also love how you drew meanwhile and even showed the drawing. You have a cool character style.

    I also loved Jeremys video. It was professional and loved how it had clips on your work and transitioned from you talking at the beach. The video looked amazing and the secenery is amazing.

  6. Chantel Cookson

    I like “The Big Three in My Zodiac Chart” By Vasquez Angy Shailyn, her use of voiceover to explain what her thoughts and feelings were as she was drawing gave insight to her personality. It’s interesting to see her drawing while explaining what her big three are. I feel like if you listen to the audio separate from the video it looks like they don’t belong together, but in the end they come together so nicely. Angy’s video persuaded me to even look up my own big three.

    Also I like “This is about my Photography “ by Wang Xiaofei although it doesn’t have any body speaking you can still feel the passion and emotion in his video. The video shows him in what I think is his happy place. The selections of photos that he put in his video showing off his photography skills helps the view understand some of the things Wang deems important or eye-catching. Wang’s video was shot in such a peaceful manner, that it bought me peace just by watching it.

    • Valeria Trucchia

      Angy’s point of view is so strong and original. I was intrigued by the 3 descriptions, but my favorite part was the end, when she talks being herself. It’s very sweet and happy!

      Faye’s video is also very personal with beautiful photos, love his sensitivity.

  7. ManJie

    I like everyone’s videos very much. The very different styles bring me different enjoyment.

    I like Li Jessica’s video very much. The technology and music she uses in the video make her video cool. Even if there are not many words to tell me in this video, it can clearly let me know what she is doing, and I can feel she very enjoys photography from her video.

    I also like the viedo from TITLE 17 – Melisa. Although the technology is a bit immature, I still find it very interesting. Her videos are like games, especially when saving money for books. The level is slowly increasing. This is a very cute video.

  8. Jessica

    I really like Wang Xiaofei’s video it really shows how passionate you are about photography and I’m glad we have such similar hobbies. I like how you used a film camera to take your pictures. I like how you included the pictures that you took at the end.

  9. Melisa WuLin

    I like watching everyone’s videos. They are very interesting and show your own style of making videos.

    I like TITLE: A Day in the Life of Georgina, by Bibawy Giorgina Ragaie. I’m not sure if she has choice difficulty. But I have selection difficulties, so when I see this video, I seem to feel the resonance. For example, I gave myself a choice. I want to choose one but I don’t really want to choose one. Finally, choose a choice that is not in the selection.

    I really like Manjie’s video. The style of her video is to give people a relaxed feeling. The video picture and background music combine well. Bright picture, clear sky, lovely protagonist, cheerful melody. I also like listening to music. As long as I feel good music, I will put on headphones and enjoy it slowly.

    • Valeria Trucchia

      YES! Georgina and Manjie’s videos are wonderful, so poetic and creative. They each take you in their magical world and make you feel happy.

  10. Georgina Bibawy

    Everyone’s videos are so great I love them all. I feel like we all know a bit more about each other now. In Bonnie’s video, the creativity of the camera angles mixed with watching you paint was quite magical. You are very talented with watercolors and it was wonderful to watch.

    • Valeria Trucchia

      I totally agree and am so happy that these videos made us connect a little bit more.

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