Motion graphic guest designer interview

Watch the interview of our guest Michael Wiehart, director of Visual Comforts. You will hear how Michael has built his softwares knowledge and developed a career as director and motion graphic designer. During the interview, Michael will show examples of his work and explain their process. You can visit his company website, Visual Comforts, to see more examples.

Michael is happy answer to any of your questions. Add comments and questions below. This will be graded on your participation.


  1. Eric Sukhdeo

    It’s interesting and clever how you made a 3D animation for clients who can’t really imagine your idea. Also for the video with the robots, why robots specifically, it’s interesting but there are probably other options that don’t really affect the render time?

  2. rlehar

    i like how Michael combines the real world with animation graphics because i find just having real life footage is boring compared to stuff like video effects and animation.

  3. Zhigang Wen

    Hard work never did anyone any harm. Comparing with my current environment, Michael has to make more effort to learn and make animation than we did. This kind of perseverance is worth for me to learn. I like how Michael combines the real world with the 3d animation, and I learn something that I never know before from this video. Thanks!

  4. Kiyana Stoutt

    I am always inspired by artists who took a different approach in their careers and made the most out of it. Having motion design skills under your belt can open up various paths within the creative/advertising field. Michael’s story is a good example of that and his dedication to working on these skills is apparent in his seamless work. It is interesting to see how his work can vary from NY Lottery to Gaming commercials As someone who has little motion design skills, working with different programs such as After Effects or Houdini can be very intimidating. Are there any software, videos, or books you would recommend to students exploring the basis of motion design on their own?

    • Kiyana Stoutt

      Thank you as well for taking the time to show the benefits of learning motion design and the dedication taken into mastering certain software.

  5. Aiah Kassim

    Micheal has really motivated me to put more hours into exploring different programs and experimenting with them to learn more and master them. His work is truly admirable. I think the music video with the Robots is really cool, I would have never imagined being able to meet a creator of music video one day. I loved seeing the behind the scenes of the cancer project and how it was all pieced together beautifully in the end. When Micheal explained that he used After Effects for the green light on the actresses finger, I automatically wanted to know exactly how to create that kind of light in After Effects and what kinds of videos I could create with that method. It’s truly an honor that we got the opportunity to see and hear from Micheal and his work. Thank you Professor Valeria for organizing this interview and thank you for your time Micheal.

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