Your first step for the video project is to write a text to explain what you are going to do.

It is a short paragraph that will talk about your concept. It is called a pitch.

What is a pitch? The dictionary definition says:  

A form of words used when trying to persuade someone to buy or accept something. Example: a good sales pitch.

Imagine that I am the producer of your video and that you have to persuade me to give you money to make it happen. You have to show how good your idea is.

Did you watch in The Art Of Storytelling video, the part where the creator of the movie Finding Nemo (I hope you saw the movie, it’s very good) is talking on stage telling his story with passion and excitement?

Describe the scene, what you want to show and talk about, where it is located, what the actor(s) are wearing, the lines that they will say,

If you feel like it would help show your idea better, you can add some sketches too. They are called storyboards. They are images with some text explaining how your scene is going to look like, a little bit like a graphic novel.

I am going to give an example and talk about my idea in the video.

I Love Ice cream (I really Do)

Everybody love ice cream, but I especially really, really, love ice cream. When I am having a bad day, ice cream saves me. When I am happy I can’t help to have an ice cream to celebrate my day.

Scene 1: me talking about how much I love ice cream on the sidewalk in front of an ice cream store front.

Scene 2: me eating a huge fresh made strawberry ice cream cone and wearing a pink hat of the same color and shape of the ice cream.

Scene 3: me looking sad sitting on a bench in a park. A hand holding an ice cream is entering the frame and handling it to me.

Scene 4: me smiling eating the new ice cream.

Scene 5: me sitting on the same bench with a girlfriend smiling. We are both eating ice cream cone. Camera on her: She is wearing a white t-shirt and eating a vanilla flavor. Camera on me: I am wearing a brown t-shirt and eating chocolate flavor.

The video can end here or we could add this other scene if it is possible to find other ice cream lovers.

Scene 6: me sitting on the same bench with several girlfriends, 4 or 6 would be great. We are each eating an ice cream cone and smile.

I Love Ice Cream storyboard