We will use the open lab only for the following:

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF part, where you place the short, one-paragraph information about yourself (whatever you want to share: your name, interests, hobbies, goals, etc.) and your good photo.

2. PROJECT CRITIQUE part, where you put your projects at the preliminary stage, so your classmates would help you to finish them the best way possible.
This part is not mandatory, but very useful. I will encourage regularly participating students (who display the work and who helps with constructive criticism) with extra points toward the final grade.

3. QUIZZES – you will take quizzes instead of midterm and final tests (unless you prefer full midterm and final tests)

DISCUSSION part, where you can help each other – entirely up to you, but in my opinion, it is very useful; for example, if somebody has a question and needs answer/help. It could serve as a help support on the internet.

All course information you will find on your main class website http://ellenclass.com 

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