We are going to use this OpenLab only for the communication: your introductions, projects peer critiques, discussions, where you can help each other and quizzes.

Introduce Yourself
0-2 points
0-6 points
Project critiques
0-12 points
0 – 20 points

Your photo and short description: your personality, interests, hobbies, whatever information you are comfortable to share.

It will be graded on the second week of the semester

Participation in the discussion part without my involvement: asking questions, answering, helping each other, etc.

The amount of points depends on frequency and quality of your participation.
It will be determined at the end of the semester

You will write constructive critiques and comments regarding your classmates’ uploaded work*.

The amount of points depends on the amount and quality of critiques.
It will be determined at the end of the semester


*Writing critiques:
Write around one paragraph about the project quality, for example:  how student followed directions from the project description, how design concepts are implemented, what is good and what should be corrected, how the work is done technically – skills, how original and creative the work is, etc. Especially valuable is your suggestion about how to make the work better. 

All course information you will find on your main class website http://ellenclass.com 

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  • announcements,
  • readings,
  • assignments,
  • tutorials,
  • class work,
  • homework,
  • grade system,
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