Desirée Alvarez | COMD 1100 | Fall 2020

Project 7 Bezold Project Angy Vasquez


  1. RezwanHaque

    The high key colors and the color’s are very calming. Also your use of non-organic shapes is really well used and bring a nice design of the house and crystals. Overall your colors and shape are very eye pleasing.

  2. Shellie Lee

    I really like the shades of analogous color choices you picked because the pastel really stands out with the black background. The yellow really complements the other colors creating a whole unity. The whole house/design on the pastel background shows more of a brighter tint where as on the black background the pinks and purple looks more saturated and bold. This is also a great design using one point perspective which also creates different tones and shades at a certain angle.

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