The color indigo is a greek word which means “From India”. Supposedly, Indigo is a color family of blue. It is called a blue dyed. In ancient Egypt, they used the indigo colored cloths to wrapped mummies. They used that color because it was considered to be a superior blue and lasted longer. Even in the 1500s, when Europe used to trade with India, indigo cloths used to be a prominent trading good. 

In India, they worship a God named Krishna. Krishna is the God of love and compassion and Krishna is usually described as an indigo looking figure. Krishna is very popular in Hindu culture, it’s music and also its literature. 

Indigo could’ve have easily become an extinct colors but fortunately, a small group of villagers in India kept the tradition on extracting indigo blue dye and now today it is still used as a popular color and sometimes it is considered an exotic look. Indigo has been a color used in designer brands or even home decor.

Vincent van Gogh, “The Starry Night,” 1889.

One one the most famous painting ever. It has a ground reversal design to it and the texture looks oily, mysterious and dark.