The color cyan ironically is my favorite color to pick when I play among us with my little brother. Cyan is a greenish-blue color that is very popular and is liked by many. The first time it was called cyan was in 1879 it was called cyan blue, but the use of the color cyan dates back further. The color was originally used as the color for water because natural clean water had that greenish-blue tint. When you google what is cyan’s symbolize and the answer you get is a relaxing cool color, but if you research further you see that there is a deeper meaning one article I read spoke about people who wear cyan are highly intuitive and care more for doing their own thing rather than fit in with the crowd. Another thing said was that if it was your favorite color you were the type of person to be self-sufficient and be prideful about  

Öl auf Leinwand (um 1915)
Claude Monet [1840 – 1926]
Objektmaß Öl auf Leinwand
Inventar-Nr.: 14562

Claude Monet