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This is my first sketch, as you can see, the main idea is to show with exaggeration the effects of surprise on the face using different tones of black and different sized for some parts like the eyes and the lips.
Second attempt after having in mind a rough pencil sketch. Here, my intention was to keep the design cleaner, and think i achieved the communication of the emotion. However, i can say that i was not able to get any motion here.
For this sketch, i started to give the design more motion with my face in a way of waves going from inside to outside, and exaggerating things a little more, eyes more opened, same as the mouth.

Erick Selfie_Mood

The emotion of surprise can generate different facial expressions, but some are common to almost all people.
For example, in my case when I’ve been surprised I always open my eyes as much as I can as well as my mouth, and I always bring my hands to my cheeks, and a shiver that makes my skin goosebumps completely.
I also feel like an explosion of energy or waves that go from the center of my body outwards that puts all my senses on alert.

Erick Fiallos_Observe&Describe

The first image seems to be a type of gate or fence made of metal with a wall in the background, it has an organic pattern because its shape is repetitive and rounded like waves or sound waves that move harmonically from one side to the other. other. Its shape gives me a feeling of calm and relaxation, it reminds me of a beach or of calmer sounds, but you know that when you touch the object it is solid and cold.

In this image, we can see a wall whose paint is peeling off, which produces two textures. One would be how smooth the wall is in its painted part, and the other would be a rough and dusty touch in its discolored part. This image gives me a feeling of stress, it is not a texture that is very comfortable to the touch, it feels very rough and could even hurt.