Course Description

Students work with individual faculty to develop and complete a semester project for presentation. Assignments may include corporate identity programs, public service advertising campaigns, design and illustration of a children’s book, redesign of a magazine.

Learning Outcomes

For the successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • State clearly in a proposal the scope of a project to be executed.
  • Follow an idea from conceptualization to realization, including thumbnails, roughs, comps, and finished artwork and graphics.
  • Develop a calendar that charts milestones to a final deadline, taking into consideration all aspects of the creative project.
  • Develop a working budget for all aspects of the project.
  • Specify dimensions, colors, media, production requirements, and all materials required for the project.
  • Complete a proposed project in the allotted time.
  • Present a fully realized project for review to a group of peers and faculty in a clear, thoughtful, and persuasive manner.


The following syllabus presents the college approved course requirements, learning outcomes, suggested weekly course outline, etc. Your students should meet the defined learning outcomes and COMD Standards, but please adapt the weekly outline, project guidelines, and grading scheme, as needed.

Model Course

The model course is available for cloning on the OpenLab. Simply login and click on the “Clone This Course” button. Contact the OpenLab Team with questions.

If you use Blackboard, review the Model Course content and structure, and transfer to your Blackboard course. Contact the iTEC Team with questions.

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Please review the COMD Standards for Curriculum Continuity.

Course Resources

This course utilizes the following Open Educational Resources (OER), zero cost resources, and/or required textbook :

BFA Resources

Please review and share the following resources with your BFA students.

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