Course Description

In this class, the emphasis will be on creative problem solving with photography for the Communication Design field. The emphasis will be on using style to transform subject matter in order to communicate ideas. In addition, each student will create a coherent body of work on a topic of his or her choice. Students will be exposed to a wide range of contemporary photographers from a range of genres. Advanced digital darkroom, color correction, and color management procedures will be covered in addition to facilitate students’ professional-level portfolio development.

Learning Outcomes

For the successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Conceptualize the use of photography to communicate mood and content for editorial or advertising use.
  • Develop a coherent body of work that clearly communicates a story in a personally expressive style.
  • Understand how lighting can create emotion and feeling in a photograph.
  • Use professional vocabulary to analyze both the aesthetic value and the technical competency of one’s own work, the work of one’s peers, and the work of professional photographers.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in digital darkroom techniques and the color correction workflow including optimizing global and local tonal range, removing color casts, increasing contrast, and sharpening.


The following syllabus presents the college approved course requirements, learning outcomes, suggested weekly course outline, etc. Your students should meet the defined learning outcomes and recommended best practices, but please adapt the weekly outline, project guidelines, and grading scheme, as needed.

Model Course

This Model Course is an openly available, fully developed web-based instructional resource containing course info, learning outcomes, suggested weekly topics and projects, video resources, quizzes, rubics, grading policy, and more.

The model course is available for cloning on the OpenLab. While logged in, click on the “Clone This Course” link. Contact the OpenLab Team with questions.

If you use Blackboard, review the Model Course content and structure for use in your Blackboard course.

Course Coordination


Name: Robin Michals

Title: Professor Communication Design

Email: RMichals

Phone: 718-260-3800

Office: N-1126

Faculty Homepage

Coordination Site

This course uses the following coordination site:

Best Practices

Please review the Best Practices. These standards apply to all courses, whether web-enhanced, hybrid, or fully online, and may be used to inform peer evaluation of teaching.

Course Resources

This course utilizes the following Open Educational Resources (OER), zero cost resources, and/or required textbook:

  • Information Graphics, Peter Wilbur, Thames & Hudson, ISBN-10: 05002800770, ISBN-13: 978-0500280775

BFA Resources

Please review and share the following resources with your BFA students.

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