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Advisement Tips

  • Use Chrome
  • If you can, have your Degree Works up so you can ask questions about what you need with your advisor
  • Come with plenty of time so you can take care of everything in one shot

If you already work with an advisor, email them and ask them when their session is. Otherwise, just log on during the times above. The faculty member on duty can help you with what you need.

Students are encouraged to visit CUNYFirst and attempt to register on their own as they do not have to wait to register. If you need to speak to someone, please contact Sharmaine at 718-260-5175 or email Emerald for program information at EMWilliams@citytech.cuny.edu.

We are the public path to a creative career.

FT Faculty Contacts
Prof MaryAnn Biehl
MBiehl @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Lloyd Carr
Email first.
LCarr @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof George Garrastegui
ggarrastegui @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Anita Giraldo
AGiraldo @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Maria Giuliani
MGiuliani @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Tanya Goetz
TGoetz @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof M. Genevieve Hitchings
MHitchings @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof John Kapusinski
JKapusinski @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof George R. Larkins
GLarkins @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof John McVicker
Email first.
JMcvicker @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Robin Michals
RMichals @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Eli Neugeboren
Email for Appt and Link.
ENeugeboren @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Jenna Spevack
JSpevack @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Dan Wong
DWong @citytech.cuny.edu
Prof Sara J. Wooley
Email for Appt and Link.
SJWoolley @citytech.cuny.edu

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