COMD 1100

1 Design  ” My Partner’s Life” (flag Design)

This is my first choose from all of my design and I like it the most because first time in my life I draw something about other people. When I got that design I thought I will make that in photoshop but I paint it because I have to work really hard and focused when I paint it make me love my work

In this painting you can see line, shape, space, and texture. Also you can see Secondary color like red, blue, and yellow. The color of this painting is warm color because this whole painting look like red, organ, and yellow.

This painting is all about my partner for example I put pencil and paint brush because he like drawing/ design and you can see the music sing it because he like to lessen to music. The white yellow background is his personality because he is really quite in class. Same like yellow.

2 Design (line & shape)

When I did that art I had really fun because one side it’s really hard because I have draw everything in line and shape and other side I can’t get really good ideas. When thing get complicated then it’s fun for me because I have to think more then I used to think like outside of box. In this project i have to some example of “Power” and “Fragility”

This design there is nothing to talk about color because it is all black and white. It a two dimensional figure design. This art is all about line and shape. There is lots of rhythm in there.most of design in this art are diagonal, horizontal, and vertical line.

The first line (horizontal ) is about  “power” design called “life” and I think life is most powerful thing you can have. Why did I call “life” is that in  first box its shows that when your kid you your parents who is look after you and next to this box it’s mean that when you get older you leave you parents and you starting you own life and last box of first line (horizontal)

The lest line ( horizontal) this design is call “made in china” because when you first buy china stuff this good and strong then more you use it then it will string to break it.

3 Design ” Bad Memories” ( Positive & Negative )

This work is about me because when I was six I want to boarding school and I my parents left me there. After they left me in boarding school I never saw them till now it’s been more then ten year still i didn’t saw my parents.

Is art is black and white so I have nothing talk about color. This is positive and negative design because negative space is something that surround the empty space and defines a form. Positive space is something that form a shape.

In this digest negative space is about all the bad memories happened to me like there are three people in there and that is me and my mom and dad. If you can see i’m was kid and holding my mom and dad hand because that is time when they left me and I’m try to stop them from going without me.

The positive design is about me now and thinking about past and crying. The reason why I only put my head in there is that i can put  the three people in my head. So, people can understand that my memories in my head not something happing now.


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