Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee

Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee – 2 faculty members appointed from a panel of 6 selected by the college council.

Charge of the Committee:  The faculty-student disciplinary committee is charged with hearing of and passing judgment on any and all charges, accusations or allegations against a member of the student body that involve pursuit of a disciplinary sanction i.e. where the decision of culpability concerns a question of fact as opposed to the an academic sanction which is based on an instructor’s expert judgment.

Composition of Committee:  Shall consist of two faculty and two student members plus a chairperson (who is appointed by the president and must be a faculty member).

Faculty Position Eligibility:  The faculty members must have faculty rank or faculty status.  (NYCCT bylaws define this as any faculty member holding the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, or lecturer full-time, is eligible to nominate, or be nominated, to vote and to serve on this committee.)  The faculty member does not have to be a member of the college council.  

Method of Election:  The faculty members shall be selected by lot from a panel of six elected annually by the college council.  (translation:  the college council must elect a panel of 6.  The actual committee that reviews charges is then selected from this panel.  In the event that the faculty panel is not elected, or if more panel members are needed, the president of the college shall select the panel or panels which have not been elected)

Term:  1 year terms

Additional Stipulations:  No one shall serve more than two consecutive terms.  As per Article 15 of the CUNY Bylaws, the College President appoints the chairperson of this committee.  “The president shall select in consultation with the head of the appropriate campus governance body or where the president is the head of the governance body, its executive committee, three (3) members of the faculty of that college to receive training training upon appointment and to serve in rotation as chairperson of the disciplinary committee.”

(Article 15 of CUNY Bylaws preempts the local plan where there are inconsistencies)