Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation

Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation (CUNY Bylaws Section 16.10) – (1 to 2 members appointed by the president from a panel of 2-6 members selected by the college council)

Charge of the Committee:  The auxiliary enterprise corporation shall have responsibility for the oversight, supervision and review over college auxiliary enterprises. All budgets of auxiliary enterprise funds and all contracts for auxiliary enterprises shall be reviewed by the auxiliary enterprise corporation prior to expenditure or execution.

Composition of Committee:  There must be at least 11 members on the AEB.  Specfically:

  • the college president or his/her designee as chair (1)
  • four students (4)
  • faculty and administrative members (4 total)
  • two independent directors (2)

Note:  The CUNY bylaws do not specify the distribution of seats with regards to faculty and administrative members.  Thus, it follows that there may be as few as 1 faculty member on this committee and as many as 3. Since the college president appoints faculty members from a panel whose size is twice the number of seats to be filled, it is reasonable for the college council to elect a panel with a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 6 members)

Faculty Positions:

Eligibility:  Any faculty member is eligible to be elected to the panel

Method of Election:  The college council elects members to the panel.


Additional Stipulations:  “3.  The faculty members are appointed by the college president from a panel whose size is twice the number of seats to be filled and the panel is elected by the appropriate college faculty governance body.” (From Section 16.10 of the CUNY Bylaws)