Agenda for the September 26, 2017 General Meeting of the College Council

Agenda for the September 26, 2017 Meeting of the NYCCT College Council
12:45pm to 2:00pm; Atrium Amphitheater AG30

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Chair’s Report
– Welcome back
– Fall elections (at large members, independent committees) announcement
– School representation and the legislative committee
– Ideas for changes

4. Standing Committee Reports
A. Curriculum Committee
These proposals can be found at:
Minor Proposals:
a. 16O Minor Change to AFR 2202
b. 16P Minor Change to AFR 2402
c. 17A Minor Change to ECON 2301
d. 17B Minor Change to EDU 3681
e. 17C Minor Change to PHIL 2103
f. 17D Minor Change to PHIL 2203
g. 17E Minor Change to SOC 2201
h. 17F Minor Change to SOC 2401
i. 17G Minor Change to SOC 2403
j. 17H Minor Change to SOC 3402
k. 17I Withdrawal of HIS 1203

Major Proposals:
a. 16-14 New Course THE 3280 American Musical Theatre
b. 16-15 New Course COM 1332 Human Communication

5. Provost’s Report

6. President’s Report

7. Good and Welfare

8. Adjournment

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