Organization Meeting Election Results

2015-16, College Council Positions:

Chair: Marco Castillo

Vice-Chair: Jason Montgomery

Secretary: OPEN

Parliamentarian: Peter Catapano

2015-16, Standing Committee Positions:

Budget: OPEN

Buildings and Grounds: Chair:  Jason Montgomery; Sec. Jieron Cheng

Curriculum: Chair:  Randy Hannum; Sec. Rebecca Shapiro

Legislative: Chair, Holly Carley; Sec. OPEN

Personnel: Chair: Peter Catapano; Sec: Maria Pagano

Students: Chair: Ruth Garcia

Technology: Chair, Karen Lundstrem; Sec. Junior Tidal

Summer Emergency Committee 2015:

Peter Catapano

Jason Montgomery

Sue Brandt

Eric Lobel

Hamid Nourazi

Anthony Sena

Albert Sherman

Evan Lespinasse

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