Our solution

In the end we decided that by raising awareness in the IT world on how women are being treated and how unfair some conditions are. The research that supports this is that there is a lack of information that goes around in the field about how women are treated and how differently it is compared to men. There is also a lack of awareness in education, women aren’t taught what to look for when applying to jobs so that they aren’t being taken advantage of and what research to do to know which jobs/companies pay the best for someone in their field. There is also a lack of knowledge on the laws that are advantageous for women and help protect them from this injustice. There should also be lessons on how to incorporate the laws to your advantage and how to know when to use them. Based off of all of this it is best to say that bringing awareness to the gender inequality that women face in the workforce of the IT world is the best solution or at least start for getting gender equality in the IT field.