In the collaborative project  “How can we improve Gender Equality In the IT work field?” we will be talking about how there is still some gender inequality in the IT workplace. In one sub topic that we will go into is “Gender equality in  job opportunities”, there is a great difference in job opportunities between men and women not only because of their gender but because of what role it plays in the workplace. The next subtopic that we will discuss is  “gender equality in the workforce” and how people are treated differently because of their gender and assumed to be unable/able to do certain things in/out of office. The Third subtopic we will be talking about is the “pay differences between men and women”, for a very long time women have been getting paid less than men and the pay difference was substantial and  although the pay difference has gotten better since then, there is still a noticeable difference. In our last topic we will talk about  “gender discrimination in the IT world ” and how over all what is happening in the specific field of work and how different is from what we normally see in the other work environments