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Read “Wikipedia Pops Up in Bibliographies” by Larry Gordon and write a response to the questions on OpenLab.

    • What did you think of this text? Explain! Don’t worry if you don’t like it, you won’t hurt my feelings! Be honest! 
    • What is it mostly about? Write a 2-3 sentence summary. Be specific. Refer to the text itself. Use quotes even! 
    • What is the genre of the text? What is the tone?
    • Who do you think is the intended audience of the piece? Who is meant to read this text?
    • What do you think is the purpose of this text? Why do you think the author wrote it?
    • What about using Wikipedia? When is it a good idea to use Wikipedia? How might you not want to use Wikipedia? 
    • Will this article help you with your research?



  1. Andy Zheng

    • I think it’s strange what this text shows, everyone is talking about Wikipedia.
    • The content of the text itself is about whether people should use Wikipedia to verify the authenticity of the event. Or that what Wikipedia describes is unreliable.
    • The genre of text is a story like an article. And the tone was even more serious.
    • I think the target audience for this work is everyone. Everyone who wants to learn the truth from Wikipedia should know that Wikipedia content is not to be trusted.
    • I think the purpose of this article is to tell the reader that the content of Wikipedia is diverse. It contains a lot of untrue and misleading things.
    • Using Wikipedia can help you understand many things, but in conjunction with other popular science. Use Wikipedia when you don’t understand what you want to know. If Wikipedia’s content is mostly misleading and untrue, then I’ll use it less often.
    • I think this article is helpful to me, it reminds me that when I want to know the truth, I also need to investigate the source of the story and find out the knowledge points that are not there.
  2. Omar Apreza

    It kinda strange how the fact that college is allowing us to use Wikipedia as our assignment it really odd for me.

    Is that if we should use Wikipedia as our research. Or having Wikipedia as our assignment for our research. That our collage allowing us to use this research.

    the tone of this genre was being taken more seriously then is was before.

    what i think that Wikipedia has every answer to your question that is not safe to use. It a easy way to gained good information.

    The purpose of this story that if we should use Wikipedia as our assignment for our research that would help use more answer our questions.

    it okay to use Wikipedia but we can’t use it often because it would become a habit of using it and won’t learn from nothing. It would help if you get stuck on something that should be useful.

    it would help knowing I could use some of it for my research if I get stuck dig deeper to my research.

  3. Shirley Hun

    I though it was informative, especially the part where some college professors have students write up for Wikipedia as a curriculum. I never knew that, so it was very interesting, 

    It’s gives more context on Wikipedia and it’s popularization in the public and in college classrooms. However, it also mentions with all the stigma around it from high school and how it’s seen as unreliable with faulty errors, 

    The tone was serious, and the genre was an informational text 

    I think the intended audience was for everyone, users of information, and college students. It suppose to show a bit of the process of Wikipedia and it’s build up. Especially with other’s being able to edit and write on it anonymously.

    I think the purpose was to show us how Wikipedia is an easy accessible site to use. However, the downside is that it’s not an accurate place to always go back to. The author wanted us to see more of people’s view on it as well.

    I think Wikipedia is a good starting site for some research, millions of people use it. However, we shouldn’t rely heavily on it. Many of the text written may contain untrue facts, and errors.

    Yes this article is helpful to my research because in a way its making me more wary on where to find sources and information. While wikipedia is a easy site, Im sure there are many others that have more accurate information.

  4. Jaden Schultz

    • I thought this text was very informative based on the fact I’ve always been told when in school never to use wikipedia because it’s multi opinions and it is biased so it wouldn’t be reliable in a research paper 
    • This is about how Wiki is based other writers opinion whether it could be factual or not, and the website has grown so much that it had to be more secured. Professor would assign research papers to their students and they would used wikipedia and it started to become a worldwide thing. 
    • The tone of this text is very serious about how wikipedia has changed and grown too large. The genre of this text is an article
    •    The intended audience is for students who are in school and they want to advice them that wikipedia is based on other people’s thoughts and opinions and how it can’t be reliable for research papers 
    • Wikipedia is reliable when you probably want to know other people’s opinion on information that might interest you but you would not want use wikipedia when you have to do research on a specific topic and it must be factual details
    • This article will help with my research
  5. Biana

    1. I don’t really like this text,but it’s interesting about the Wikipedia part.

    2. The text’s main argument is whether readers ought to use Wikipedia. Or if the research papers might not be accepted if Wikipedia is not a credible source.

    3. An article is the text’s genre. The tone was also incredibly consequential and relaxing.

    4. I believe that everyone who plans to utilize Wikipedia is the target audience.

    5. I think the point was to show how Wikipedia permits different people to modify it, which undermines its credibility and makes it risky to presume that the information supplied is accurate.

    6. Well, sometimes it’s good. Only when a source is reliable or when it becomes apparent that additional sources agree with those found on Wikipedia, may you use Wikipedia as a supplement.

    7.My knowledge that there are many alternative options and sources to choose from that are reasonable and reliable has been helpful. Sometimes, the second or third choice is preferable.

  6. Sophie Sall

    1. I think the text was interesting, I has a lot of information in it.
    2. This text explains different aspects of Wikipedia. Is talks about the good and the bad side of using the website.
    3. I think it’s an informative essay. The tone is serious.
    4. I think the intended audience is the people who research information in the internet. Like student and other people that use or would like to use wikipedia.
    5. I think the purpose of this text is to show the good and bad side of using wikipedia and also to show that the right way to use wikipedia.
    6. I think it’s a good idea to use wikipedia if you wanna find some information about a subject that you wanna develop. But you shouldn’t use what wikipedia says word by word for a project.
    7. Yes this article is going to be helpful for my research
  7. Brandon Berdosana

    1) I liked this text because I myself have always been told to not use Wikipedia as credible source. But after reading in to this article, I have been convinced otherwise! This article is useful to me.

    2) After reading the article, I know that the article is about whether on whether wikipedia is a credible source. It covers the basics of wikipedia, as well as the rigorous standards for uploading content onto wiki.

    3) The genre is an educational article and the tone is serious/informational.

    4/5)I think the a=intended audience is those looking for a site that offers informational resources and the author is trying to encourage their pupils to use wikipedia as a credible source as research. It can also be for those who disapprove the usage of wiki as research, because it refutes the claim and supports the claim that it is a credible source.

    6) I believe wikipedia should be use if the information given is non-fictional and is accurate. Do not use wikipedia if you are sure what you are reading Is fictional and not accurate.

    7)This article does not help me with my research as of now, however it does mean I will consider using wiki for information.

  8. Giselle Tlapechco

    I found the text interesting with how many students changed their mindset for how they were writing, especially when they knew their writing would be published in a place where people all over the world would have access to. Not only would it be seen by various people but there would be a lot of criticism in their writing which is why the students felt pressured to do their best in their research. The text was interesting because it gave me a perspective of the people who publish in the media and what goes through their mind as they get ready to post. 

    The text is about debunking the myth about wikipedia, that it’s an unreliable source, when in reality it can be useful. Based on the many people that have created work to publish in wikipedia and how much effort they put into their paper so there would be no bias. 

    The genre of the text is an article. The tone is serious and persuasive. 

    The intended audience is for students and teachers as well because most teachers usually tell their students to avoid using wikipedia. This article can show teachers and students that its not as bad as it seems. 

    I think the purpose of the text is to show a different side of wikipedia, to show how useful it can be but to also be aware of the website because it’s not guaranteed that all the information in the website is reliable. 

    It’s a good idea when you want to know about topics and look for guidance. It is good to check the sources being used in order to fact check for yourself. It is not good to base all your paper on just Wikipedia; there needs to be different sources. 

    This article will help me because I won’t avoid wikipedia and I can find sources that may be useful for my paper.

  9. Jesus

    1. I thought this text was good, i found it very interesting. Hearing about what these professors think and the students as well about using Wikipedia and having their work on Wikipedia.
    2. This text is about how professors are getting their students to write papers and then having them being uploaded onto Wikipedia. This is because the professors and students believe that it will make them better writers, but also because when the students work is uploaded onto Wikipedia its way better for a reader looking for this subject to understand it since it is written by someone who is studying that subject.
    3. I think this is an informational text. The tone is serious
    4. The intended audience for this piece is professors and students. The author Larry Gordon is trying to show that wikipedia can be used for good. It is meant that professors are going to read it and see how Wikipedia is being used then take it with them and implement it into their own class. Like with the medical school they can have their students revise and improve the medical information on Wikipedia with some students even starting new pages about medical information.
    5. Larry Gordon wrote this text so that professors would do the same and get their students to write for Wikipedia as it is very beneficial to anyone reading the subject on Wikipedia and the writers for improving their writing skills.
    6. I think using Wikipedia to gather sources is good. Not tripping it off and saying this quote came directly from wikipedia is bad but gathering the sources and saying it came from there is better. Of course you just need to make sure its a good and credible source. Gathering the sources on Wikipedia when writing a paper would be a good time to do that.
    7. This article opened me up to Wikipedia and will definitely help me when researching.
  10. Allison Tang

    1. I didn’t think the text was interesting but it was very informative.
    2. Professors are encouraging their students to write for Wikipedia.
    3. The genre is informative essay. The tone is serious.
    4. The intended audience is people trying to learn how to do citations.
    5. The purpose of this text is to show that Wikipedia can be a reliable source sometimes.
    6. The good thing about using Wikipedia is that lots of people contribute to an entry so the articles won’t be biased. A good way to use Wikipedia is for gathering sources. You shouldn’t quote directly from Wikipeida
    7. I learned from this article that I can use Wikipedia as a source for bibliography.
  11. Danielle

    I liked this text because it gave me a different perception of Wikipedia. I was always told by teachers to ignore Wikipedia and not use it for research because it is unreliable so reading this text and seeing the benefits of Wikipedia was interesting. I also found it interesting that teachers assigned students to write Wikipedia entries and not just regular papers, that sounds nerve-wracking for the students but they had a positive attitude about it.

    This text is mostly about the benefits of Wikipedia and how professors are teaching students to embrace the site even with its popular untrustworthy reputation. The text explained how different people being able to edit and add to entries in Wikipedia is a good thing to help make it more accurate and spread information because Wikipedia has “ a powerful reach and is often the first site suggested by google searches”. 

    I think the genre of this text is a research article and the tone is unbiased because the author speaks about the negative reputation that Wikipedia has but also quotes students and professors that use Wikipedia for assignments. 

    I think the intended audience of the text is other teachers and students who refuse to acknowledge Wikipedia because they think it’s unreliable and amateur. 

    The purpose of this text was to convince people that Wikipedia is not terrible and does have use. Just because Wikipedia allows people to edit their articles doesn’t mean that it is fiction or biased. They have a lot of safeguards to prevent the spread of false Information. 

    I think it would be good to use Wikipedia if you want to become a better writer. I think this because the text says “Compared to regular term papers, Wiki entries require a lot more faculty time to ensure they are ready for online viewing” meaning that when writing a Wikipedia entry the standards are higher than writing a regular paper. After all, it has to be factual and unbiased. I think the Wikipedia entry assignments given by professors helped prepare students to write for the real world. I wouldn’t use Wikipedia in a research paper to find facts because I don’t think it is credible enough to cite. 

    I think this article will help with my research.

  12. Taharqa Rogers

    1. I thought this text was short and straightforward. It tackled a topic that every student has encountered which helps me connect with the text and made it very interesting. 
    2. The text is mostly about the stigmatism around using Wikipedia being avoided as source material even though it’s the first thing to pop up when researching anything.  The author Larry Gordon explains why Wikipedia should be taken seriously.
    3. The genre of this text is an informative essay. The tone is very persuasive. 
    4. The audience of this piece is those who are in the field of education which includes teachers, professors, and students. Students should be reading this text and should be encouraged to use Wikipedia as a guideline.
    5. The purpose of this text is for people to take Wikipedia seriously and not ignore it as it has so much information. The author wrote it to persuade people to use Wikipedia in research papers and other assignments. 
    6. Wikipedia should be used to gather sources as it has hundreds of references, however, due to it being editor-friendly you should not use information directly stated from the site and only as a reference. 
    7. This article helped me recognize Wikipedia as a valid source reference however I will not be using it for my research.
  13. Christopher Mathurin

    • I didn’t enjoy the text because it didn’t really attract my attention
    • This article discusses how Wiki is built on the opinions of other writers, whether or not those opinions are factual, and how the website had to be made more secure because of how much it has grown. When professors assigned research papers to their students, those students would use Wikipedia, and the practice spread to other countries.
    • The genre is an informative essay.
    • I think the audience is meant to be teachers
    • I think the purpose of this is o inform on the usage of  Wikipedia 
    • A good time to use Wikipedia is when you have to find factual information like birthdays and times in history. It’s not a good idea to use it when writing an opinion piece
    • no, this article will not help me in my research

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