For starters I commended the author for creating such a personal piece that allows him to break through with a secret held in for years. The author not only acknowledges his hardships faced with being an immigrant but gives every key detail he encountered that led him up to this point. I can’t begin to imagine what living like this felt like, but this is the result of it. The author devotes and dedicates his life to becoming the writer he is in order to prove he is worthy enough to in order to maintain citizenship within this country. He goes through highschool, college, and internships to internships and writes for the biggest newspaper articles company. The average person will call this success but the author questions this with “what good is all this if I can’t be who I really am ?”. He always retraces to the question of identity feeling guilty for every lie about his immigrantion status. 

Overall the author writes an informative autobiography to tell the undercover life of undocumentated immigrants. This is mainly important due to the fact that we never know what a person has going on. His audience is not only to give perspective on the feelings & difficulties of immigrants but to open our eyes to a whole another way of living. He gives me a feeling of power that we as “Americans” can do more for these kinds of people whom are called “aliens” but are worthy and have potential for so much more than a few documentations that declare citizen of the United States.