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Unit 3, Genre Project

The evolution of technology in past decades has consistently modified the way of life and it’ll continue like that for future generations. The reason as to why I became interested in this topic in the first place is because technology plays an influential role in the lives of billions of people across the globe and we depend on it for countless different necessities. I also depend on technology for getting different tasks completed, I rely mainly on just my smartphone and laptop for getting work done. I rely on my smartphone for getting into contact with a friend or family member over the phone, writing down important details to ensure I don’t forget, checking the time and weather, setting the time on an alarm to wake up early the following day and to listen to music for when it’s my time to put down the pen. For my laptop, I depend on it for getting all my school work related tasks done and for connecting virtually with my professors online. Furthermore, looking back at my own life and the different technological devices I had throughout my life inspired me to write about the evolution of technology. Presently, I own a large flat screen that I utilize for watching different movies and shows and also for playing video games. However as a kid I didn’t have a video game system, I only had a few DVD movies that I could watch and my television was an old gen model that was shaped like a cube. This brings me back to my main point of discussion of how life is always changing, children born in this time are going to grow up in a world that is different to the world I grew up in as a kid. I decided to write in an infographic genre because it combines data and information with engaging visuals to demonstrate a organized representation of the work. Organization is very important in a piece of writing as it’s the first impression of the writing to capture the audience’s interest. In addition, the reason why I decided to select my audience among the people who are interested in pursuing a career in technology or unsure about an interest in technology is to help them discover their purpose in life. My purpose in this piece of writing is to help others discover whether or not if they have an interest in technology and if they would like to expand that interest to know more about technology. I decided to specifically talk about the innovations of technology because all these ideas for innovations could spark an idea in someone else to create something Impactful. For my design, I’ve obtained a visual for each technological innovation such as cellular phones, televisions, laptops, and automobiles to use alongside the written information. in my opinion, visuals make a piece of writing more appealing to readers as it provides context to its detailed description. After completing my design for my infographic genre on the innovations of technology, I am satisficed with how it came out and to me it looks organized.


Artist statement

The topic that I Chose for my Anointed Bibliography is  “Why should we not allow genetic change on babies?”. I truly believe that that is amazing how our world is getting Advance they literally know how to create more humans and also what the little human should have in their genes and what they should not have in their genes. If that was provided to my mother she would have been gone crazy and make me the perfect baby that  She could think of. It is quite interesting to know why some people prefer Gene change on their baby And why some people don’t. Some people prefer to change their baby because they have some type of disease on their Gene that they don’t want to pass on to future babies but then also some people prefer it because of the beauty It has to offer. And some people don’t prefer it because they think about where is going to be Borderline especially when it is a really accessible experiment. 

I decided to write my Anointed Bibliography by one argument about why people should not allow the genetic change on baby and then Carrie that out why some people believe About that argument or what they have to say adding why should we don’t listen to what they believed. The audience that I was targeting was mostly young Adults because They have not that experience in the world yet but so far whatever the experience they had Goodview on it they have a good opinion on it and they know how to fix those problems and they understand that what is A positive action that may lead the world in a batter place or what is a negative action that may lead to chaos in the world. I believe that way I wrote my Anointed Bibliography It’s more effective is because it gives you To think about the argument what did the argument have to offer and it gives you the boat side people believe about that argument and which side is batter we should lean on mostly. A way I could have made my Anointed Bibliography Better doing a little better research on what other side has to argue about my topic and explain it a little better. I was thinking that what are you doing I should put against my argument that could my argument stronger I feel like  I  make my argument a little better if I had a little better understanding of what another side of my topic argument has to stay.

Unit 3 Reminder

The Writing in a New Genre assignment (Unit 3) is due tomorrow.  It should be posted on OpenLab under Discussions/Unit 3.

Once you’ve finalized this assignment, don’t forget you have to attach your finalized Artist’s Statement to go along with it.

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