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Source 4 revised

(Sources The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, https://ihs.org and personal theorizing)

Will driving ever become illegal due to artificial intelligence becoming more advanced and more safe then human operators resulting in fully autonomous vehicles?Cars and crash’s go hand in hand there is not one person who drives that has never passed by an accident or been involved in one, in fact just yesterday I was rear ended on the highway while with my friend in stop and go traffic. The insurance institute for highway safety (IIHS) is an independent, non profit organization dedicated to reducing fatality’s and injuries in auto accidents. The IIHS was founded in 1959 they work on making vehicle design safer and making the public aware on how to avoid drivers error such as fatigued driving. Through the IIHS’s work in nearly perfecting car design by conducting research such as crash tests cars have become much safer but their still is a problem, user error.

Pitch the idea of outlawing driving 60-70 years ago and you would have gotten lynched, Seat belts were not even mandated until 1968 let alone my car model didn’t even get frontal airbags until 1994 and my 2002 model does not have side impact airbags, so cars have certainly become safer by leaps and bounds. However consider these statistics one might say, in 2016 10,500 people died from drunk driving and texting and driving leads to 1.6 MILLION crash’s every year and nearly 390,000 injuries a year, so what would happen when self driving becomes so good we can fully rely on it and stop all these crash’s would driving then become illegal? Now I am personally of the opinion that i hope this never happens because I enjoy driving but you cannot deny that this seems like a plausible possibility. Considering 50 years ago when their was no concept of a cellphone drinking and driving was most likely the leading cause of car accidents but now texting and driving is the leading cause of car fatalities and has greatly suprassed drinking and driving, and become a major problem, such a big problem that car manufacturers had to disable certain features while the car is in motion to prevent drivers become distracted. considering so many hundreds of thousands of drivers in America are so distracted and can’t help themselves from texting can’t you see in 15-20 years from now driving becoming illegal? There are numerous risks to take into account if that become a law however as your car can be hacked and a hacker can simply drive you off a cliff or drive you to a location where they can kidnap you and hold you for ransom (this is all theoretical) so the government will have to review these major issues if they want to avoid a riot and insure a seemless transition to a fully autonomous Electric green powered self driving vehicle of the future. what do you think?

October 12th “Navigate Genres”

  1. Why are you interested in this question? 

Personally I suffered from depression and I still face it present today. I faced it at a young age, I didn’t really comprehend at that time what it was or how I ended up being depressed. All I knew was that I was slowly becoming a disappointment for my parents due that my grades weren’t the same. No, they never told me that but deep down I knew they weren’t happy with how my grades were looking like. Moving on I would like to go deeper into what the whole word “depression” actually is, it’s more than just a mental illness. How come do kids suffer from depression at a very young age, is it hereditary? Depression isn’t something that is really spoken about, some people don’t believe that it’s a real thing, that people actually suffer from it. 

  1. What do you expect to find in your research? 

I expect to find answers to all of my questions that I have for this topic. Like I had mentioned before, I want to go in deeper, fully understanding everything that has to do with depression. I want to learn what are certain activities that people, even myself can do in order to prevent from falling more deeper into depression. I want to be able to fully understand the topic so I can share my knowledge about it with some of my friends that sometimes might feel down or just not feeling themselves. I want to prevent them from falling into that ugly dark hole that won’t do any good for them. I have a variety of reasons for what I expect to find in my research. 

  1. What will you do if you find information that goes completely against what you had expected to find? 

If I do find any information that goes completely against what I had expected to find I will definitely write, include it in my research paper. Personally I always tell myself that any information is always useful, whether it’s positive or against your topic it’s always good. With the information that I may find that’s against from what I thought I’ll find I will go into it deeper and learn of it. 

  1. What genres do you think might give you good information? 

Some genres that I believe that will give me some good information would be the daily news, reports, studies (medical studies), data information. 

Conclusion for Annotated Bibilography

In conclusion, throughout my extensive research that was conducted I was able to gather the origins of anime. I was able to reach to the fact that the style of anime was similar to that of Disney as well as other previous anime studios. Additionally, it was interesting to learn of the reasoning behind the artists’ inspiration as well as the reason for anime becoming so popular in other areas of the world aside from Japan. I was able to learn that most animation studios in the beginning while using inspiration from Disney, made individuality in their characters by including different and unique powers, outfits, hairstyles, and personas. It was also interesting to learn that before anime became popular in other countries, there were no cartoons that adults could really watch and enjoy. At that period in time, a majority of the cartoons to exist were for a younger audience. As well as the genre not varying, for cartoons to become applicable for everyone. Additionally, it was interesting to learn of the first translations and ideologies behind mangas and anime being translated. My respect for the genre as well as the animators and all the work that went on behind the scenes, began to increase. I was able to see the hard work, effort, and time that was put into creating anime. Reading and hearing pieces of work that said those who worked on the production began to work to the point of exhaustion and often worked until they could not stand and to the point where their eyes shut on their own. Something I believed was very interesting and informative that I found in my research was the remakes of anime into live action movies or plays, being disrespectful to the original animators of the anime. I agree with this wholeheartedly because recreating the anime into a live action film, doesn’t appreciate nor respect the long hard hours that the animators as well as production studios may have put into their work. Being an anime fan myself, I thought it was really interesting to learn and read about where anime began as well as how different it was back then compared to now. Similar to many other anime fans worldwide, I think it would be very beneficial to read up and learn about the origins in order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the work and changes that anime has come to. Anime has come a long way over the years and has definitely changed the lives of millions worldwide, none of which would be possible without Tezuka and the first few productions studios.

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