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October 12th “Navigate Genres”

  1. Why are you interested in this question? 

Personally I suffered from depression and I still face it present today. I faced it at a young age, I didn’t really comprehend at that time what it was or how I ended up being depressed. All I knew was that I was slowly becoming a disappointment for my parents due that my grades weren’t the same. No, they never told me that but deep down I knew they weren’t happy with how my grades were looking like. Moving on I would like to go deeper into what the whole word “depression” actually is, it’s more than just a mental illness. How come do kids suffer from depression at a very young age, is it hereditary? Depression isn’t something that is really spoken about, some people don’t believe that it’s a real thing, that people actually suffer from it. 

  1. What do you expect to find in your research? 

I expect to find answers to all of my questions that I have for this topic. Like I had mentioned before, I want to go in deeper, fully understanding everything that has to do with depression. I want to learn what are certain activities that people, even myself can do in order to prevent from falling more deeper into depression. I want to be able to fully understand the topic so I can share my knowledge about it with some of my friends that sometimes might feel down or just not feeling themselves. I want to prevent them from falling into that ugly dark hole that won’t do any good for them. I have a variety of reasons for what I expect to find in my research. 

  1. What will you do if you find information that goes completely against what you had expected to find? 

If I do find any information that goes completely against what I had expected to find I will definitely write, include it in my research paper. Personally I always tell myself that any information is always useful, whether it’s positive or against your topic it’s always good. With the information that I may find that’s against from what I thought I’ll find I will go into it deeper and learn of it. 

  1. What genres do you think might give you good information? 

Some genres that I believe that will give me some good information would be the daily news, reports, studies (medical studies), data information. 

October 8th “KW/L+ Entry”

T: Depression  

K-Know: All around the world people suffer from depression in different ways, I was one of them. Depression made me feel lonely, useless, a disappointment and so on, it played a negative and positive role in my life and it still does. I was losing weight, missing assignments, not attending class, feeling tired all the time, the depression was eating me up. 

W-Want: I would like to know what is the percentage of people that suffer from depression in the past year. As well how or what leads to suffering from depression, is there any actual cure for this? Can our society start organizations for those people that are on the edge of suffering from depression? 

L-Learned: In 2015 depression had affected 300 million people! That’s a very huge amount of people. As well there is a psychological formula that provides all the biological, psychological and social factors that have led to a person becoming unwell, feeling down. There are several medications that can treat depression, some are Amitriptyline, Imipramine, Nortriptyline, etc. The average range of depression cases in the US is 3 million per year! Now wowww, imagine how many cases there will be by 2030 if the cases keeping increasing. 


+- Still Want To Know: 


October 03rd “Research Starts with a Thesis Statement”

Hmmm, something that I was interested in when I was a little kid was to study and become a nurse or just be in the medical field. I was as well interested in being part of the business, finance field but now not really. I am still interested in being part of the medical field, I feel like whenever I asked questions to my primary doctor or even in the ER it pushed me more to study something in the medical field. Whenever I ask a nurse they will tell me their stories of how working in the ER isn’t bad, you experience something new everyday as well you continue to learn while working there. Now whenever I asked someone that was part of the business field they will tell me how it isn’t hard, on the other hand they will tell me how eventually you get tired and bored from numbers. 

My curiosity for the medical field has definitely grown throughout the years. It has grown because of personal health issues experiences. At some point while growing up I would say that the ER was my second home lol. It was a second home due that I will usually be there due to health issues that I would encounter. During those times I would find it very interesting how doctors and nurses would find out a way to know exactly what was going on and how to give it the proper treatment. The educational system did play a good role in my curiosity, classes that I took while being in high school helped me gain a huge amount of knowledge of our body. Biology class and Anatomy/ physiology class were so interesting to me that I would sometimes attend Saturday tutortings just so I can learn more in certain topics. I know that I will continue to be interested in the medical field, I can say now that becoming a nurse would truly be my passion. 

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