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Last ( fun) assignment

Hello future student all I truly have to say is that you got this and don’t let anything or anyone tell you different. We’re going to have to work twice as hard then the previous graduating class, only because the times were going through. But once you get the ball rolling ain’t no telling when it’s going to stop. Im not going to say good luck but I am going to say “keep pushing, you got this”

PS:  You have a great motivating professor to help you get through it.

Final reflection draft

In the beginning of the semester in my opinion I think my work was better because I was genuinely trying to improve my writing.Yet now I feel as if I lacked motivation. I think it’s probably the times that were in and the place that I work at amongst a whole lot of things. Yet I know heading into the next semester what things that I need to do to gain back the motivation that I had in the beginning of the semester.  My favorite assignment was the one where we wrote for 7 mins with no interruptions and ended up crossing it out. It was my favorite because it was free writing and I noticed that when I write freely I say a lot of things like a whole lot. I could start off talking about the moon and end talking about hell. Some noticeable lessons that have stuck with me is to always read and understand what your reading, don’t just read to read. Some of the early assumptions that I had about myself when it comes to writing is that I’m not the best at delivering my message to the audience. One thing that I knew that I’ve always done during highschool was to have evidence that supported my claim, yet the issue was showing my audience what I was trying to get at. When some read my work they knew my claim and understood and others not really. 


Time Capsule

This semester I learned that no matter the circumstance, try and pull through. With this remote leaning a lot of us are adjusting to the new norm, it’s tough but were working on it. My goal, well I can say that I’m still working on my goal and begging to attempt another goal. The surprises that I have encountered were the hours I began receiving at work, I’m a full time student and applied for a part time job which is typically around 25 hours but with holidays coming around my hours went up. I noticed when I had 25 hours I was able to focus on school more. Next semester should go a bit smoother. I think my goals were right on the money especially with me, because it’s always something that I always wanted to work on but I made it my goal now and actually taking it more seriously. My goal is something that I personally feel that I’ll be able to take into full effect next semester. I feel like I tried to hold both school and a job, although I could do it I probably took more hours than I should have, so school wasn’t my only priority. Next semester I know what and what not to do.


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