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Final Portfolio

Overall the projects over this semester was fun whilst also being informative in helping me learn and grow as a writer.  Overall, in reviewing all the projects I have submitted within Units 1, 2, and 3, I am fairly glad with the work I have submitted. In my Unit 1 assignment, I believe I was able to clearly display who I am as a person as well as connect it personally to me whilst remaining subjective to the topic. Within my Unit 2 assignment, I am fairly proud of the paper that I provided due to the fact that it was related to something that makes me happy and I was genuinely interested to research and write about the topic. Within Unit 3, I was happy to have some creativity in making and submitting the project all whilst staying along the topic and making sure to cover all the facts and necessary requirements of the piece.

Last Fun Assignment

My favorite thing to write this semester, was writing about something that interested me being anime. I was happy to write and research about something that genuinely interests me. It was fun to have a class and teacher that helped us learn whilst also having fun assignments.

Draft of Final Reflection

Throughout this course, I was able to learn very much about myself and how I am as a writer. This semester was sadly not how I wanted it to be, I never imagined that I would begin my college years online. It was frustrating to me to be in the house all day during classes, I often got bored and lost a sense of focus. I also found it fairly easy to push back a lot of work and it was easy for me to not care. I began to feel upset and sad being in the same place for days and days at a time. Luckily, one thing that helped me cope with this feeling was watching anime and reading manga. Watching animes and waiting for new episodes and new animes to release gave me something to look forward to so I was not constantly depressed in the house. I had high expectations for college, however they were not met due to the pandemic. I was certainly not prepared to learn all of my important and relevant classes through online carriers such as Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, and more. It was also frustrating that due to some internet problems on my part or the teachers part, I was not able to learn and fully understand the lessons that my teachers were delivering. Additionally, it also made it difficult to communicate with teachers due to the use of everything being online. I am grateful for the fact that my teachers were understanding and I was able to reach out to the professors in a way that they were able to help me out. Within this semester, I dealt with a very hard death in my family due to the COVID. It was truly hard for me to keep up with my assignments and grieve at the same time. I was lucky to be able to have teachers who understood me and  allowed me to turn things in on my own time as well as being there for me to be able to have people to talk to. Especially, thanks to Professor Cole because she was so understanding to me in this hardship of mine and allowed me to turn my papers in at a later time but still allowed them to be counted at full credit. I    truly am grateful for this because it was any other teachers, they may not have accepted it nor counted it at full credit. On the other hand, I was able to learn very much about myself as a person and how that can be applicable to my writing. I was able to learn how I can apply my characteristics and speech to my pieces of work. I learned that the way I may speak with my friends or families should not be the same way my writing reflects.  In addition, I have also learned that the way that I write or the way I am learning to write will follow me for the rest of my life. This made me want to change the way I used to write from high school, and learn to write more formally. I believe in doing so, I am able to sound more professional and seem more applicable to possible future employers. I feel that my writing has improved within this course. One example of this, is that I am now aware of where to place the quotes in my writing as opposed to just inserting quotes within the piece. I am now fully aware where the placement of quotes can go within a piece to support the main idea of a work or if it means to explain a quote that can be relevant to the topic of the piece of work. Some thing I hope to fix and work on for the future is my procrastination as well as meeting the criteria without dragging out a piece of work. For example, I tend to leave my work until the last minute sometimes which can not be beneficial. This can cause me to sometimes not take the time I need to write nor be efficient in the piece of work I am submitting. Also, it may not be the best piece of work that it could have been. Meeting the criteria of a piece of work is also something I partially struggle with because sometimes I find it difficult to meet the word count on a piece of work. Meeting the word count can mostly prove difficult to me because within the assignment I find it fairly easy for me to answer the question or assignment within a little amount of words. I find that sometimes meeting the word count criteria can be difficult for me because I often find myself dragging out the prompt and straying from the overall topic in an effort to meet the criteria.

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