During the beginning of this semester, I started off strong and was really excited to learn. The goals that I accomplished was getting my work schedule and school schedule lined up. In addition, I wanted to enjoy my classes and I did. Each unit was really fun and interesting. I learned a lot and they 100% improved my writing skills. The one thing I wish I did differently was to hand in my work on time. This was my goal from the beginning of the semester and I did not accomplish this goal. I am disappointed in myself just because if I pushed myself harder I would’ve accomplished that goal and I would’ve had good grades. Whiles handing in my late assignments I was really mad at myself just because it was fun writing the assignments and completing them. I don’t like using excuses for turning in my assignments and I won’t. The only thing I can do is get better and do better. I will use this class as a learning experience by attempting to do all the assignments right away even if I don’t understand what to write. I will do a draft once the professor sends out the assignment and then go back to the draft and write more. To end of my time capsule, yes I didn’t achieve all my goals but I will continue to keep my head up and ignore anything negative that comes my way, and focus more on what’s important which is my education.