Technology in today’s society plays a major role in the upbringing of our future generations. From late Generation Z to Generation Alpha, smartphones, laptops, television, and smartboards, have all become a tool in the development of education and social networking. Personally, I have taken these tools to my advantage on a daily basis and needed to reflect upon how technology is not only beneficial to me as a college student, but also to society as a whole. 

The audience that I am targeting is also the same people that I am researching which consists of kids and adults between the ages of 10-20. This age range is most known for being tech-savvy and comfortable with navigating through programs, social media, smart devices, and more technology-based items. It has been incorporated into their daily lives as many things have now become accessible through a screen rather than traditionally in person. For example, due to the pandemic, students have adjusted to learning online indifference to the in-classroom school days. This also goes beyond education and reaches the economy as well. More advanced technology has been putting itself to use in drug stores, grocery stores, retail stores, and more. There has been an increase in contactless thermometers and meetings held through sites such as zoom, skype, and other facetime sites. I am also targeting those who aren’t aware of the many benefits technology has granted our society. These people are more typically prone to stick to their traditional ways of getting tasks done without considering the efficiency and effectiveness technology can have. They believe things are meant to be done using the process they are already used to rather than trying to adjust to a seemingly better way. Either because technology is seen as an overcomplication to them or as a way of “cheating”. For example, parents that believe all forms of screen time will put their child at a disadvantage fail to see that exposure to the internet can also result in knowledge and awareness picked up along the way. The internet is more than just entertainment. It can also serve as a tool for education. IPads that are seen as toys for Generation Alpha can also be used as an easier way to obtain reading material, communicate with teachers/other students, and more online resources in relation to a child’s learning growth. As long as technology is used appropriately, it can be extremely powerful. Informative helps to emphasize each point using fact instead of opinion.

Expressing this idea through an informative essay is the most effective way to get my point across because it delivers facts over opinions. These opinions about technology being solely damaging can easily be shut down when it is presented by all the benefits that technology can offer. Through an informative essay, it is much easier to pinpoint the exact people that are affected and exactly how they are affected.