So far into the year I accomplished a lot of things so far like finding a job that I enjoy a lot and its a medical setting which is good because it gives me some insight. In my time capsule I haven’t accomplished just everything yet, like I still didn’t apply for the nursing program and I still have to finish the spring year strong if I want to even get in . The only class that Im not doing my best is Bio lab because Its kinda hard to grasp everything online and then take tests and quizzes. My traveling is something im working on , recently I Went to Tulum Mexico and I want to travel some other places like Paris in February For my bday, But I am hoping that I am able to go and also visit my family in Germany as well . Thats something I really want to do , but if I can’t and not able to I am going to Albania in the summer which makes me very happy and Hopefully when I come back I start the nursing program …. I really hope I get in !!!!!. Other than school , mentally I think With what’s happening in the world I have been having a bad outlook In life but I learned that you have to work with what you have and push through because this is temporary and not forever.  I learned alot this semester , the main thing being is we all take life for granted , each one of us in different ways, I used to complain going to school and using public transportation but now that I can’t go I realized that I love school and being able to go and enjoy the beauty of going in and interacting . I hope sooner or later that we can go back and be able to be back in the world . Thats my little note for this semester so far .