For my last source, it’s going to be a website that is mainly for cars. “The future of motoring – what will cars be like in 25 years?” The article starts off by saying it isn’t getting easier to be a keen driver or a maker of performance cars. Throughout the article, they talk about both electric parts and motor parts in a car around 2040. “As we move closer to 2040, the majority of cars will be electrified in some way and the engine may no longer be the primary drive; its role would be to support an electric motor”, says Ricardo’s chief technical and innovation officer, Neville Jackson.” In addition, they talk about battery life. “The major stumbling blocks of any battery-electric car are range and the time it takes to recharge. By 2040, things could look very different, with battery-electric cars capable of driving up to 250 miles on a single charge and taking a 75% charge in as little as 15 minutes.” As of now 2020, an electric car battery can last for 400 miles on a full charge. By 2040 they believe that the battery life will be 500 miles and could take about 25 minutes for a full charge which is unbelievable. Next, they talk about uber using electric cars in the future. “Uber announced that “100 percent” of rides will take place in electric vehicles by 2030 in the US, Canada, and Europe, and by 2040 for the rest of the world. But rather than pay drivers directly to trade their gas-burning vehicles for electric ones, the company will impose an extra fee on trips completed in an electric vehicle to incentivize drivers to make the switch.” Having uber use only electric cars can either go two ways. One way is good where the driver doesn’t have to spend money on gas and doesn’t have to worry about the car breaking down. It will also be good for pollution. Then the bad thing is the driver doesn’t know how to operate the vehicle since it’s different from other cars. In addition, once the car battery needs to be charged the driver won’t have any fares because they’re at the charging station. Based on what I read in this article, I can see that the person who wrote this is in favor of electric and motor cars. 

To conclude, I am satisfied with the research I learned about electric cars. Before researching whether electric cars will be the future or not I was always a fan of electric cars. I knew they were reliable and would be cheaper to maintain than a regular car. Something that stood out whilst researching was that we now see electric cars all over New York. They recently got popular because of tesla which is the number one electric car company. What i’m trying to say is that in 10 years the electric car industry will be so much more upgraded than it is now and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. In my opinion, I believe that in a few years the motor car industry won’t be as popular as they are now. They won’t be as reliable as electric cars and people will see that and start to have electric cars. The audience that I think should read this research paper should be people between the ages of 18-24. I say this because people around this age usually get their first car or even their second car. So when they go car shopping after reading my paper there might be a chance they decide they either want an electric car or motor car. The purpose of my researching this topic is because I wanted to know more information about electric cars and what I learned is that electric cars are going to be bigger than any other car industry.