Quote 1:

“A bunch of diving boards lined up without a pool (tons of quotes with no analysis) wouldn’t please anyone—except maybe Uncle Barry”


This quote was very interesting to me because I agree with this. This quote basically shows that if someone were to include many quotes without analysis it would not be interesting to the reader nor would the reader understand the relevance of the quote.

Quote 2:

“Return to each quotation and decide why its there and then massage it accordingly”


I  thought this quote was very relevant because it shows that the writer should always include the relevance of the quote so the reader can better understand the reasoning for including the quote. If not, the reader may be confused on the relevance and get confused within the piece of work.

Quote 3:

“I mentioned above that there can be situations where starting a paragraph with a quotation can have a strong effect. Personally, I usually enjoy this most at the beginning of essays or the beginning of sections—”


I agreed with this quote because I believe that starting with a quote can captivate the reader into finishing the piece and finding out the relevancy of the quote in order to relate to the piece of work.

Quote 4:

“Readers get the feeling that they’re moving from one quotation to the next without ever quite getting to hear the real point of what the author wants to say, never getting any time to form an opinion about the claims”


In certain pieces I have read, I can agree on this because sometimes writers include quotes without ever getting to the main point of the piece of writing making the reader left wondering and confused when it comes to the piece of work.



From reading this piece of work, I  have learned how to better quote my pieces of research into my piece of work. I    believe this can help me in my writing in order to strengthen my pieces of work, by including quotations at certain areas of my writing as opposed to just including quotes at areas of my writing that not make sense. Additionally, it was interesting to learn that whilst some people may not appreciate your writing style others may. For example, he includes that people you know as well as family and friends many not appreciate or see the importance in your writing. However, a stranger may like your piece of work and then begin to support you because they are able to relate to your piece of writing. To add on, I thought it was interesting to see the difference between different writers due to the way of their response to the quote. This shows me and the other readers who the stronger writers may be due to their analyzation, also we are able to see different peoples’ perspectives and minds when it comes to different topics.


Being a true anime as myself, that I would like to consider as well as thousands of fans out there one thing truly captivating is the plots. The plots of anime is one thing that anime fans can truly associate with as well as gaining an attachment to within the show or manga. The plot is a main reason that allows readers and anime watchers to develop a deeper understanding for the piece of work. In finding this out, it has lead me to wonder on the development of this plot as well as the development of the work that goes into creating these pieces. “Because of the high costs associated with producing animated films, Tezuka limited the characters’ movements as much as possible. Instead, he placed emphasis on the quality of the story line, another possible reason that many ensuing Japanese anime works had complex plots.” Personally, realizing that in the beginning of anime it was difficult to afford animating films, it makes sense that writers would work on developing the plot and working on making the plot more thorough and creative in order to apply and be interesting to their audience.