The thing that made me most interested In this topic is because I work a lot and in the city I used to spend a lot on water, like 3 dollars a day on water bottles, I would get 3 or dollar water botttles for no reason . I have no idea why I would spend so much because there is no point, Quickly after that I stopped because I stopped myself and said why Am I buying water when I can buy a water bottle and just fill it up at home where its cheaper and free. The genre I choose to base my idea on was a magazine. This is the first thing that popped into my head because now a days you need things that will grab peoples attention and not bore them. People don’t care to watch a video or read a book anymore everything is digital and on their phones. My idea was to make a magazine that is offered digitally so that younger generations have access straight from their phones . I also thought that schools also transitioned into using computers a lot so teachers can assign classes to open the magazine online and see what they think and how they like it . younger kids especially like more digital things since the world is much different then it was 10 years ago. The magazine will have 6 pages in total a cover page and then 4 pages where I will use the information that I got from my research and use it here but add more visuals and graphic images. Also to have questions on the page with fill ins for people to answer so they can see what they came up with so they can share with others. For example one of the pages can be on how much water we consume so I can ask a question on how much water bottles roughly do you buy a week or someone you know or live with . And say multiply that and see your result and make a comparison so they see how much they actually consume in one month. Also I was thunking to say take a cup of tap water at home and take a glass of bought water which could be the following (polar spring, Essentia, Fiji, Dasani, Aquaphina and more and taste both waters and see if their is a difference. Don’t forget to blind fold yourself to get a accurate result. With that study let anyone you know do the same thing and then in the end count both and see who wins. This is something that is fun and interesting. You can even do this in a class because its so simple all you need Is water and small cups and cost friendly . Schools all around can do this and see what even little kids in PRE K or Kindergarten think . It brings ideas flowing to kids and even older people .