You have now comprehensive knowledge on when Automobiles first became a practical alternative to the horse (And buggy) and have some idea of how an automobile is powered as we discussed a few different power sources and which type of engine uses what (for instance an internal combustion engine uses gasoline as its primary power source and an electric vehicle uses electricity to power its lithium ion battery). After reading the majority of this essay it should also become apparent on how much the world (In particular the United States of America) relies heavily on the automobile both for it’s use to commute or deliver products and the industry that provides many jobs manufacturing our country’s millions of automobiles and to maintain them. We have discussed how the automobile has brought newfound freedoms and independence as well as comfort and convenience to us humans as it is definitely preferable to take a warm car ride then to trudge in the snow and get frostbitten on a winter day, or to avoid dripping in sweat in the summer (Air conditioning was implemented in automobiles in as early as 1940 almost 80 years ago) not to mention the amount of time saved being that automobiles are an extremely fast mode of transportation when compared to walking or riding a horse. However in addition to all the good things automobiles provide (fast comfortable transportation) there are some concerns which we have also addressed, pollution being one of the larger concerns. The creation of the EPA and the issue of smog were brought up as well as the amount of emissions reduced over the years so with that issue tackled we then moved onto to car safety over the years which I think is a bigger issue (And which subsequently became a large vocal part of the essay asking if driving would ever become illegal). The biggest safety issue in automobiles lies within the driver and not the automobile as the design has been nearly perfected over the past century, more recently the IIHS has come out with crash test ratings of almost every vehicle in the market so buyers can see firsthand how their vehicle stacks up against other vehicles in it’s class. On to the driver being the issue, automobile manufactures have had to limit certain features of the car due to the drivers becoming distracted. Texting and driving has become the leading cause of automobile accidents by an enormous margin greatly surpassing driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and remains one the biggest issues so much so that Joe Rogan brought up on his podcast the following slightly provoking question, Will driving ever become illegal? Which led us to discuss how far we have come in A.I., driving assists and self driving technology. Auto manufactures have already been given deadlines by the state of California which stated that by a certain year only vehicles that produce zero emissions from the tailpipe will be allowed to be sold there. In addition to these deadlines for Zero emission vehicles the shortcoming of the power grid and the need for a large clean energy source were discussed as I the writer after conducting my research determined(along with a few of the articles I came across) that we need a power source as clean as solar but more powerful in order to charge millions of EV’s, so what do you think of all of this? Will you buy an EV? Do you think driving might become illegal?