“7 Psychological Benefits of Video Games.” YouTube, uploaded by Psych2Go, 11 May 2019, www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dWyIJEvus4.

In this video, Psych2Go speaks about how gaming has gotten more popular than ever with titles such as Call Of Duty or Fortnite going completely mainstream and more people are considering themselves to be gamers. She also mentions how the last few years that Video games had always been looked down upon for “causing” habits of addiction and violent behavior. These are all alleged and aren’t proven to be true so she goes over 7 psychological benefits to gaming.

Psych2Go makes it very clear that gaming isn’t as bad as people think of it to be. By diving deeper into the Psychological benefits of video games, can help prove that games can help kids and teens psychologically, which parents and adults cant see on the outside but can tell from observation. one example she stated was that, “video games are linked with emotional stability… a 2012 study suggested that immersive games in particular, appear to be the most beneficial, because they allowed gamers to try out different versions of themselves.” These games can help us get an idea of what we would like to do with our lives and do things we normally can’t. Red dead redemption is a game that allows the person to be a “cowboy” ride horses, go hunting and be unique. You have full control of what you do with your character and can really be a hunter in the game, and this can give the user an idea of how hunting is. Another example is “video games improve visuomotor coordination…a recent study found that video games improve all vasomotor coordination which is when vision and movement work together to produce actions.” In first person shooter games us gamers are required to be extremely focused, react fast, and aim and shoot at moving targets and make small adjustments to dominate the competition, this translates to driving where we are making small wheel adjustments to maintain the stability on the road at a constant high speed. By constantly boosting out visuomotor coordination we get better at all the things we normally do using hand eye coordination.

quotes that stuck out to me- “playing certain video games boost social skills… in 2014, a very interesting study was published on the subject, which proposed that immersive social video games help gamers develop pro-social skills. ”

“video games are linked with better vision… games can boost visual contrast sensitivity, which is basically the ability to distinguish between different shades of grey and one study found that video game treatments  can cure a lazy eye which is known as amblyopia.”