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OCT 12 assignment

I’m really interested in learning about  police brutality/ racism  because thus topic has been going around for a rally long time. It’s defining the us we live in today. police brutality/racism has effected many lives in the USA also it took out lot of innocent people lives, it broken lot of nice family. Although I haven’t faced anything like that but I have friends who did and their life is being effected by this. One of my friends dad has faced this when he was stopped in a traffic stop by highway patrol he was being held in gunpoint because the cops suspected him for having weapons. He didn’t even do anything wrong all he was doing is going home from work. However things escalated real quick when he started to fight for his rights and he was arrested for speaking up for himself.  Events like this happens all over the USA and our governments isn’t really doing much which makes me mad because this is a serious matter that we should fix it because its been going on for long time and every time there is bare minimum amount of changes.  From this research I expect to find all my unanswered questions and search dig down and find why is this matter government taking lightly why this issues happening over and over and lot of other etc.  In my research if I find the Information that is goes completely against my expected answer ill still research  about this. I wouldn’t change my assumption because this is a serious issue and this needs to be answered. This issue involved  lot of innocent people’s live that didn’t even committed any crime. some genre that can help me with my research is BLM movement. BLM movement is huge step that people are taking across the united state and demanding changes.


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  1. Lisa Cole

    Eimon, first you need to present a research question and you have to have it approved by me. Second, your response is only 308 words long. You are supposed to submit a response of 400 word minimally. Overall, this is an excellent topic and response so far. You need to provide more than one genre as the question asks “what genres”, so please revise this blog ASAP.

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