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Introducing my research question

Human Pollution and Climate Change

Human pollution is a major factor in global climate change.  Climate change is the rising average temperature of Earth.  Although there are many reasons for the rising temperature on our planet, human activities are one of the major driving forces.  Climate change is dangerous, as its effects can drastically alter living conditions for many people.  For example, as Earth’s temperature rises, so do the sea and ocean levels, which can cover significant portions of land. This paper will focus on the following central question: how do the effects of human pollution affect global climate change?

I am interested in this question because I want to know more about global climate change and how it affects my native continent of Africa. Research finds that even if efforts to minimize future warming are successful, some effects will continue for centuries, including rising sea levels, and rising ocean temperatures. This point is critical for many African countries.  As a child growing up in Togo, I remember how the rainy season in August affected people’s lives.  After significant downpours, we always have problems with water as it made way into people’s houses. As a result, many people became homeless, some died, and others lost everything they had. It usually took three to four months for things to return to normal.  Given these memories, I am very concerned for African nations in the context of climate change and its possible effects on the environment.

In my research I expect to find information on ways to limit global warming.  These methods may include mitigation efforts, research, development, deployment of low-carbon energy technologies, enhanced energy efficiency, policies to reduce fossil fuel emission, reforestation, and forest preservation. I also expect to find critical data on the various contributors to climate change.  Lastly, I may find specific guidelines that would help me determine the best efforts to reduce human pollution, and therefore, reverse the effects of climate change.

If I find information that goes completely against my expected research I am not going to throw it away.  Instead, I will challenge my own assumptions. In the case of this topic, I don’t think I am going to find information, which says that pollution doesn’t affect global climate change. However, if I do, I will compare these arguments with my existing body of evidence

The following genres can provide good information for my research: chemistry (chemical processes between elements), biology (behavior of living organisms and systems), physics (physical relationships between elements), statistics and history (analyze the level of climate change; compare to historical events). Because these genres discuss climate change from different angles, they will help me understand the subject better

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  1. Lisa Cole

    Germaine, First, your research question is good and you may proceed with your research: how do the effects of human pollution affect global climate change? Second, your draft introduction for your annotated bibliography is excellent as your topic is well-developed including the genres you might use. It sounds like it’s going to be a very interesting paper!

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