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Introducing my research question

Growing up video games have always been a big part of who I am. when I was in elementary school I had a PSP and I used to play ratchet and clank, burnout, ape escape, metal gear solid, etc. These games were all super fun to me and I enjoyed them because all my my friends around me also enjoyed them and played them. At lunch we would talk about where we were up to and help each other with tips and advice on how to get to the next levels. Middle school I started to play Minecraft which was a huge part of my childhood. Minecraft was a great game and everyone knows and has played it at least once. High school I started to branch off into other games and took on Call of duty as my game of choice. This game opened up a new opportunity for me to compete and try to be the best. It also helped me with my anxiety and other stuff. Overall throughout my life gaming has been a way for me to escape everything and just connect with my friends and prove myself that I was a great player.  My parents however don’t see it as a good thing. They disapprove of the games that bring me joy. They often try to push me away from gaming when they don’t understand the true reason why I enjoy playing. I feel as if there’s more kids that get misunderstood like I am and I want to research if there’s actually anything wrong / bad with gaming. I also want to figure out all the benefits to gaming because realistically gaming takes a LOT of skill especially when you play up against other real people out there who all have the same goal as you do, to win and be the best. I expect to find a lot of articles talking about the negatives of gaming because all old adults don’t believe in it. They think it’s a waste of time and don’t believe there’s any real benefits. If all the information goes against what I’m advocating for I will not scrap my idea or switch up. I will use my own research through my friends and my own experience and write about that as well, especially since we all first hand experienced it. I believe nonfiction articles about the topic I’m researching would give me great information.

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  1. Lisa Cole

    Hamood, what is your research question? I believe it’s: Is there actually anything wrong / bad with gaming? If so, this is a good research question and you may proceed with your research. Your draft introduction looks fine. If you decide to use interviews, make sure that you do not just use your friends who agree with you. You need to be objective with your research.

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