quote 1”  Almost all good writing begins with terrible first effort. You need to start somewhere . Start by getting something anything down on paper”. I agree on this statement because at first you don’t know what to write it can be terrible at first but when you practice your writing  improves little, you know what people say practice makes perfect.

quote 2 ”I would pick up my one inch picture frame, stare into it as if for the answer,and every time the answer would come: all I had to do was to write a really shitty first draft of, say the opening paragraph. And no one was going to see it”.  I agree on this statement because rough draft no one see until its published and  the writing that you had on your rough draft  is private  the publisher tries to make the writing better.

quote 3” I would eventually let myself trust the process sort of, more or less. I’d write a first draft that was maybe twice as long as it should be, with a self-indulgent and boring beginning, stupefying descriptions of the meal, lots of quotes from my black-humored friends that made them sound more like the Manson girls than food lovers, and no ending to speak of.” I agree Its hard for writers to be perfect on there writing skills, it takes days or weeks, they put a lot of effort on there work .They feel frustrated if there piece is not good cant ask for help its all on them .  but the end of the day they are a successful writer.