About OLD

I am a professional and technical writer with a specialization of communication design at the New York City College of Technology.Ā Although I have only recentlyĀ discovered and delvedĀ into my passion for writing, my appreciation for the arts has always been there; I loved creating essays and helping others with their writing as a child. As such, I always aim to improve myself by learning as much as possible from students and professors.

I never considered my lack of experience to be an issue, It actually drives me to become a betterĀ person and writer because I am constantly looking to prove myself. No matter how difficult an assignment may seem, I always complete them with the best of my ability.

Now that almost two years has passed since I started the Professional and Technical Writing major, IĀ feel like I have grown so much in professionalism, maturity, and ability. All the time and effort that I put into the major has earned me two Dean’s List Awards, something that I am very proud of.

In the end, I am grateful to all the professors that have taught me. I am also very appreciative to a close friend of mine that taught me just about everything they knew about writing when I decided to purse the major. I truly wouldn’t be here without them.

In addition to writing, I am very passionate about design. I love using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create whatever my heart desires. My love for this medium started in high school, where I took a short introductory class in design. Since then, IĀ experimented with the programs myself and learned more about them. Later, I extended this passion to video creation, where I learned how to use Sony Vegas and Techsmith’s Camtasia. Currently, I use my designĀ abilitiesĀ for my YouTube channel, Mugen creations, andĀ writing.

My goal is to become the best that I can be as a writer, communication designer, and person. I also hope to show the world how important and fun technical writing really is; It isn’t as boring and monotonous as it sounds. In addition, I aspire to earn a position for a company that revolves around gaming, another love of mine.

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