Organic Shapes



Organic shapes usually have a natural appearance and are sometimes irregular or asymmetrical. They are usually connected or have a comparison to things found in the natural world such as animals, plants, and even fruits.

In this piece of a a humming bird, the beak wing and tails are asymmetrical. The curvature, of the bird’s breast, is also another organic feature.  One challenge I had with this piece was  creating the last drawing  which represented the simplest form of what a bird would possibly look like. It was a challenge because I had to think a little bit more outside the box to create a simple representation. It is sometimes hard to think of things in the simplest form, when we are constantly creating and thinking of complex items in the world.

Simultaneous Contrast


Simultaneous contrast, is when the effect of a color is either enhanced or diminished by the surrounding colors in a piece of art.  The effect is a little bit more visible when the colors are complementing each other. In the piece on the left, the lighter orange background, makes the blue squares seem darker, whereas, the darker background makes the blue seem darker, although it is the same shade.

One challenge I had creating this piece was ensuring the effect of the simultaneous concept, was visible by choosing the correct colors and getting the right values as perception plays a key role in simultaneous contrasting art.

Color Mixing


Color mixing, is mixing a few colors, to get a variation of colors. The color mixing assignment, give me a better understanding of how various shades of colors are formed, and how to use a color wheel.

One challenge I had was mixing the colors to the right value,  to get the effect of light and dark colors on each side.


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