Freshman Research Opportunity – Living Breakwaters with CRSP

Prof. Sowder is seeking one freshman interested in joining a paid undergraduate research project on our team studying the Living Breakwaters in Staten Island.

CRSP info: The CUNY Research Scholars Program provides a $5000 stipendĀ ($1000 in Fall, $1000 in Spring and $3000 in Summer) forĀ full-time studentsĀ enrolled in Associate program or in Bachelor program with less than 50 credits for conducting research with a faculty member. If there is a student that you would like to work with, please provide them with this information and encourage them to apply. This is an opportunity to advance your scholarship while providing valuable experience to a promising student. First year first-time City Tech students are especially encouraged to apply. The program is supported by CUNY Research Office and/or NSF Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program. Last year freshmen researchers applying for this program will be part of LSAMP program as well.

To apply: Complete Part I of the application (found here) and send me a copy of Part II of the application (found here) by email with the subject line “CRSP Application.” I will fill out the project details on page 4-5. I need this from you by 9/22 9:00 am.

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