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Photo Editor


Art & Production Designer


Art Director, Lean Development:


Graphic Designer

In the Graphic Design field there is a high level of competition.  Many are the requirements to work as a graphic designer.Five or more years of experience in the field, a well organized portfolio and ability to adapt to new technologies are just a few of the basic wants for this field. Many companies ask for knowledge in software like cs6 suite. As for photo editing there are very similar requirements others are photography skills.

“The ideal candidate will be proficient with InDesign and other industry standard graphic and related web tools. Knowledge and experience with effective layout, mechanicals, and type specifications, and experience with electronic publishing is essential.”   Web design also plays a big part in the world of Graphic Design as it one of the most important requirements needed.

I believe i have some knowledge in CS6 suite but still need to learn a lot more. Web design is also one of my next interest to become a web designer. There are many more skills that are required to be successful. The Graphic design world involves a lot of freelancing at first in order to gain experience. Building a great portfolio after receiving  reviews and making changes helps companies the way you improve from past projects.