Project Description

This project required us to pick a quote, create 3 posters for the one quote to visually represent what the quote was saying.


The quote I chose to use for the Visual Quotes Project was “Chaos for Order.” I picked this quote because I thought it was relevant to how the world feels in the year 2021. Everything feels chaotic but at the same time everything is still flowing, the trains are running, people are going to work, to movies. But that could just be daily life in New York City.

For my first design, I wanted to clearly show a distinction between chaos and order, splitting the two with chaos on the left side of the composition and order on the right side of the composition. For chaos, I gave it a bordeaux color to highlight the evil that can come from being chaotic. I chose a serif typeface as they’re not as linear and straight forward as a san serif typeface. I continued with overlapping the words in all different directions to give a feeling of chaos. For order, I chose a san serif typeface and neatly placed them to show off how orderly things are on that side of the composition.

For the second design, I chose a typeface for the word order that was similar to a digital clock. I chose this because time keeps you in check, keeps you in order. Looking at the time lets you know whether you’re on schedule or falling behind or just going way too quick. For the bottom half of the composition I placed the word chaos in a very concerning typeface. This evokes the feeling of uneasiness that chaos usually does. I also inverted the colors so the background is bordeaux and the text is white.

For the third design, I chose to use some imagery. In Illustrator I created the yin and yang symbol but instead of the two smaller circles, I replaced it with the words chaos and order. 

For the final design, I took the word chaos as I had it in the first artboard and plastered it all over the composition in every direction possible. Over and over again I placed them and rearranged them. Then in the middle I took the word order, enlarged it to 150 points and placed it in the middle on top of all the chaos. This shows that in chaos there is still some order.

Additional Images